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Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections > Anti-Racism



Material relevant to Anti-racism movements, including Ethnic and Race Relations organizations, post-colonialism and anti-colonialism, and movements advocating for Immigrants’ and Refugees’ Rights.

Fonds #

Fonds/Collection Name

F0003 Council of York Student Federation (CYSF) fonds
F0055 York University – Faculty of Arts fonds
F0060 York University – Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) fonds
F0064 York University – Institute for Social Research fonds
F0065 York International fonds
F0066 York University Libraries fonds
F0121 Mountain Fund fonds (Vietnamese Refugees)
F0171 Nancy Pocock fonds
F0176 Margaret Norquay fonds
F0208 Clayton Ruby fonds
F0305 Edith Ferguson fonds
F0351 James Mavor fonds
F0369 Operation Lifeline fonds
F0378 Parkdale Community Legal Services fonds
F0444 Sam and Manya Lipshitz fonds
F0510 Aubrey Golden fonds