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Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections > Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Fine, Creative and Performing Arts

Material relating to women in the Fine, Creative and Performing arts; ranging from visual and graphic culture (television, film, photos, playbills, etc.) to biographical information, correspondence, scores, reviews, scripts, documentation and completed works of art.

Fonds # Fonds/Collection Name
F0091 York University photographic collection
F0096 John N. Smith fonds
F0098 Mary Williamson fonds
F0099 Beveridge family fonds
F0100 Helen Lucas fonds
F0108 Donald Davis fonds
F0110 Larry Zolf fonds
F0113 Susan Swan fonds
F0114 Joyce Wieland collection
F0117 Seth Feldman fonds
F0118 Rhombus Media fonds
F0119 The Music Gallery fonds
F0125 Don Coles fonds
F0131 Elizabeth Kilbourn fonds
F0132 Zdenka Volavka fonds
F0133 Mary Hecht fonds
F0134 Avrom Isaacs fonds
F0137 Bernard Gordon fonds
F0138 Peter Wildeblood fonds
F0142 Paul James Dwyer fonds
F0143 Kennetha McArthur fonds
F0146 Toronto Dance Theatre fonds
F0160 University Women’s Club of North York fonds
F0162 Canadian film poster collection
F0168 York University Archives ephemera collection
F0171 Nancy Pocock fonds
F0172 Canadian Association of Professional Dance Organizations (CAPDO) fonds
F0177 Marion Andre fonds
F0181 Federation of Women Teachers’ Associations of Ontario (FWTAO) fonds
F0189 Gladys Forrester fonds
F0191 Jason Sherman fonds
F0192 Robert Christie fonds
F0193 Rick Salutin fonds
F0194 Isadora Duncan collection
F0195 John Kastner fonds
F0198 Dance Umbrella fonds
F0199 Canada Dance Festival fonds
F0202 Bernard Zukerman fonds
F0204 Louise Mahood fonds
F0205 Mira Friedlander fonds
F0206 Andrew Tomcik fonds
F0207 Eliza Clark fonds
F0220 Mary Young Leckie fonds
F0245 Judith Rudakoff fonds
F0254 Louis Applebaum fonds
F0257 Association of Cultural Executive fonds
F0265 Jeniva Berger theatre programs collection
F0275 Canadian Association for Irish Studies fonds
F0280 Canadian Speakers’ and Writers’ Service Ltd. fonds
F0281 Canadian Theatre Review fonds
F0285 Centre for Experimental Art and Communications fonds
F0301 Danny Grossman Dance Company fonds
F0302 True Davidson fonds
F0323 Jules Heller fonds
F0338 William Killbourn fonds
F0341 Margaret Laurence fonds
F0343 Peggy Leitch collection
F0359 Mavor Moore fonds
F0361 Frank Morriss fonds
F0364 New Play Society fonds
F0374 Laura Rosenburg theatre programs collection
F0381 Harry Pollock fonds
F0382 Michael Posluns fonds
F0386 Linda Pyke fonds
F0389 Wayne Ray fonds
F0392 Pauline Elizabeth Rhind fonds
F0402 John Tupper Saywell fonds
F0406 Merle Shain fonds
F0407 Lionel Siegel fonds
F0429 York University Archives theatre programs collection
F0430 Lauretta Thistle fonds
F0433 Toronto Telegram fonds
F0437 Janice Tyrwhitt fonds
F0439 Ernesto Vinci fonds
F0440 Herman Arthur Voaden fonds
F0442 Waves fonds
F0443 Lady Victoria Alexandrina Maria Louisa Welby fonds
F0445 Joyce Wieland fonds
F0447 Adele Wiseman fonds
F0453 Herbert Whittaker
F0462 Gail Singer fonds
F0506 Donna Davey fonds
F0522 Desh Pardesh fonds
F0538 Rachel Zolf fonds