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Inagural Post!

Look to our new Bib Services Blog for information that will be of use to our department. Postings will contain information about departmental happenings, cataloguing news, answers to questions and other tidbits of information. Please comment on anything you wish.

4 comments on “Inagural Post!

  1. Great job!! Stacy!
    I just wonder only you can post notes here?

  2. S. Allison-Cassin on said:

    No, anyone can post notes or comments or questions. When a comment is made I get an email and then publish it. At this time only I can post, so if there is something that you wish to see on the blog you would have to email me.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Great work. Thanks Stacy, did you find out how to link the last posted item to the technical services web pages.

  4. Catherine on said:

    Congratulations, Stacy, in getting this launched so quickly.–>

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