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Getting news delivered to your desktop–or Feeds

Feeds (sometimes known as RSS Feeds) allow internet content providers to “push” new information to users that subscriber to their feed. These services are most often offered by news sources (like BBC, CNN and even the York Library News) and blogs (like yorkbibblog). Users “subscribe” to feeds either through a feed reader (or aggregator) or by using an email application or browser that features this service. Which format you use all depends on what your preference. When new content is published at the “source” this new content is then pushed out to the subscriber. The yorkbibblog has a live feed and by subscribing to the feed you would be automatically alerted when there is new content without having to check and without having to check. Feeds are great because new content comes to you!

Marcia uses Feedreader to subscribe to different feeds (another option is Bloglines). Stacy uses the feedreader within Mozilla’s Thunderbird email application. If you are interested in setting up either a news aggregator like Feedreader or Bloglines, or subscribing to feeds through your email application please speak to Stacy or Marcia.

One comment on “Getting news delivered to your desktop–or Feeds

  1. I like Bloglines myself…and you can share feeds. For instance — you can see what feeds I subscribe to here.

    If you also subscribe to Bloglines you can cherrypick any of mine that you might be interested in following. I also like their “Subscribe with Bloglines” toolbar option.

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