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Next Generation Catalogs for Libraries

Next Generation Catalogs for Libraries (or NGC4LIB) is a brand new mailing list that you may want to consider signing up for. The subject for discussion is the library catalogue. The “Next Generation” part of the title refers to possible future directions.

Please follow the directions below or on the website to subscribe. I strongly suggest signing up in ‘digest mode’ as this seems to be a very active list so far!

To quote directly from the NGC4LIB mailing list website:

NGC4Lib is open to anybody in the world, and its purpose is to discuss things including but not limited to:

  • Who are the primary intended audiences for a library’s “card catalog”
  • Considering the changing nature of information access in an Internet environment, how is an electronic “card catalog” of today different from the one designed ten or fifteen years ago?
  • What kind of content should these “card catalogs” contain?
  • To what degree are these things “catalogs” (as in inventory lists), and to what degree are they finding aids?
  • To what degree should traditional cataloging practices be used in such a thing, or to what degree should new and upcoming practices such as FRBR be exploited?
  • How would such a thing get created and by whom?
  • What are some of the functionalities of “next generation” catalog?

Mailing list functions

To subscribe send an email message to, and in the body of your message enter:

subscribe ngc4lib Your Name

where “Your Name” is… your name.

To send a message to the list, send it to:

To unsubscribe send a message to, and send:

unsubscribe ngc4lib

You can also use this link to manage your subscription:

An archive of the mailing list’s postings are available from here:

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