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Gorman on RDA

Michael Gorman writes about RDA the “coming cataloguing debacle”.  No date on the paper but I think it’s fairly recent, possibly October 2007.


“… promises to be the biggest disaster to hit descriptive cataloguing since the draft rules of 1941 …”

“It is hard to believe the world’s libraries have taken metadata seriously.”

“FRBR may have some merit as a way of looking at the theory of cataloguing—it has little as a foundational document for creating a cataloguing code.”

“This is the witches’ brew of ignorance, neophilia, and the exaltation of theory over practice that given birth to the draft Resource description and access (RDA) …”

“This is a sad time for cataloguing and the millions of users of library catalogues …”

Go and read it for yourself.  Only 7 Roman numeralled pages.

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