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Expanding the Cataloger's Role – ALA presentation

Charlene Chou (Columbia University Libraries) delivered this presentation at the ALA mid-winter conference last week. It’s a thought provoking piece called: Expanding Cataloger’s Role in the Era of Global Digital Libraries. She explores these emerging roles for cataloguers:

  • Indexing journal articles
  • Cataloging digital resources for special collections; Google Books
  • Creating collection-level records for Archival materials
  • Supporting databases related to institutional repository

She also looks at how the cataloguing community might support the semantic web.

Charlene ends with this quote from Roy Tennant:

“…the modern cataloger will one day be a software-enabled specialist who can gather, subset, normalize, and enrich piles of records for a specific audience or purpose.”

Definitely recommended reading with many references to explore the ideas further.

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