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Diane Hillmann Responds to LC's 'On the Record'

Diane Hillman spoke about the future of bibliographic control at the American Association of Law Libraries conference in Portland, Oregon last week.  Her talk, ‘After the Report: Reactions to On The Record‘ focused on five main areas:

  • Increase the efficiency of bibliographic production
  • Transfer effort into higher-value activity
  • Position our technology for the future
  • Position our community for the future
  • Strengthen the library profession

Some interesting comments included:

-silo of library bibliographic control; libraries are not the only players
-need to look beyond LC and OCLC for leadership
-no longer need to agree on one approach in order to move forward
-move to providing primary materials in context rather than focus on secondary material
-more reliance on machine application vs. human intervention; without this we will not be able to participate; not predicting the future but making the future
-MARC has more past than future

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