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Cataloguing code for the 21st century?

As mentioned on the Cataloguing Futures blog, this recent article RDA: a cataloguing code for the 21st century by Ann Chapman, Research Officer at the University of Bath, provides a very good overview of RDA.

Here are some excerpts:

… new conceptual models such as Functional Requirements of Bibliographic Records (FRBR) and Functional Requirements of Authority Data (FRAD) and the International Cataloguing Principles developed by IFLA’s International Meetings of Experts challenge us to think about resources in a different way.

RDA places more emphasis on cataloguer judgment and is structured to lead the cataloguer through a logical decision process, making it easier to use and to teach.

RDA has been designed as an online resource, which is why it is hard to read in the linear, static text of the drafts. In its online incarnation, cataloguers will be able to move via hypertext links to the next instruction in a logical sequence, to a related instruction, or from a word in the text to the glossary for a definition.

Recommended reading.

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