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Catalogs and Catalogers: New Roles or Obsolence?

This is one of the headings in Susan Gardner’s paper, ‘The Changing Landscape of Contemporary Cataloging‘, which will appear in Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, v. 45, no. 4 and is currently available through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln digital repository.

Here’s the abstract:

Intended to contribute to the current dialogue about how the emerging information environment is impacting cataloging issues, this survey paper covers a broad range of topics, such as how search engines compare with integrated library systems, and includes some thoughts on how cataloging processes may evolve to continue to remain relevant. The author suggests that there is a need for significant changes in integrated library system interfaces and infrastructures as well as some changes in cataloging practice. The value of descriptive vs. nondescriptive elements in the catalog record and some pros and cons of the MARC format are covered.

Thankfully her concluding paragraph is entitled: ‘Catalogers Have Something To Offer In The Full-Text Era’.  Looking forward to reading this one.

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