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FRBR and the History of Cataloging / William Denton

If your curious about FRBR and cataloguing then I would like to recommend to you Bill’s chapter in the recently published, ‘Understanding FRBR: What It Is and How It Will Affect Our Retrieval Tools‘.

In a review in the July issue of Library Resources & Technical Services, Edward Swanson had this to say:

My favorite chapter, one that would appeal to anyone (possibly even nonlibrarians), is Denton’s ‘FRBR and the History of Cataloging.’ In a light, narrative tone, he explains where FRBR comes from by following four ideas through modern Anglo-American library history. One of those ideas is that of the ‘work,’ and that sets us up nicely for the discussions of the work entity in many of the other chapters. He includes an extensive bibliography, a helpful and welcomed addition to his chapter. (It would have been good if all the authors had done the same.)

The full review is available on ProQuest.

It’s a very engaging chapter and I encourage you to have a look. :-)

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