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U.S. National Libraries Test Plan for RDA

The U.S. National Library RDA Test Steering Committee has announced a project to test RDA.  After the report of the Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control was released the 3 U.S. ‘national libraries’ (Library of Congress, National Library of Medicine and the National Agricultural Library) agreed to “make a joint decision on whether or not to implement RDA, based on the results of a test of both RDA and the Web product.”   Participation in this test initiative is restricted to the “U. S. information community”and 20 selected test partners will be announced in July at the ALA Annual Conference.

This is a good sign because it’s an indication that RDA Online is ready, or almost ready, to test.  Hopefully other constituency group national libraries outside of the U.S. will commit to a similar evaluation of the new cataloguing rules.

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