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Tom Delsey Leaving the RDA Project

If you get the chance John Attig’s final comments on his excellent reporting of the March JSC meeting are worth reading.  Most notably in my mind is the mention that Tom Delsey, the RDA editor, will be leaving the project.  No mention of who will be taking on that role in the future.

John’s last paragraph about the winding up and challenges to come:

Tonight, the JSC is feeling a strong sense of standing at the end of a long road. The nature of the JSC will change considerably in the next year or so, not only because of the need to operate without the contributions of those who are leaving the project, but also because the nature of the task will be changing in many ways. The road ahead is still obscured by fog, as many decisions have yet to be made, but we are looking forward to having a completed RDA product to maintain.

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