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RDA Testing – What If The U.S. Libraries Say No?

This paragraph on RDA testing is from the Executive Summary of the RDA Meetings March 11-20, 2009:

During the joint meeting, Beacher Wiggins (Library of Congress) provided an overview of the testing that will occur by LC, NLM, and NAL following RDA’s first release. The testing will come in response to issues about RDA raised by the Library of Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control. The three libraries agreed to make a joint decision whether or not to implement RDA based on the results of testing both RDA content and the Web product. The goal of the test is to assure the operational, technical, and economic feasibility of RDA. Testers will include the three national libraries identified above and the broader U.S. library community. The other national libraries responsible for RDA content (the British Library, Library and Archives Canada, and the National Library of Australia) will conduct their testing at the same time and will prepare for implementation – testing of systems to support transition to RDA, training of staff, and preparation of documentation.

It’s an interesting situation isn’t it? The U.S. library community is testing to decide whether or not they will adopt RDA at all. The other national libraries, including our own Library and Archives Canada, is preparing for implementation: they’ve already decided to go ahead with it.  So, what happens if the U.S. libraries say no to RDA?

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