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ETA for RDA?

Interesting exchange on the RDA-L list yesterday:

Mark Ehlert: The end-of-November goal for the release of RDA has come and gone. Is there any official word on a new date for its arrival?

As an aside, I read some weeks ago of a January 2010 release date in an e-mail message on another list from an inquiring cataloger and, more recently, in a slide presentation from elsewhere. I’m uncertain where that date comes from.

Hal Cain: At the Libraries Australia annual forum on 6 November, Deirdre Kiorgaard (ACOC representative to JSC and former chair) told us that release is expected in June 2010 and earliest implementation could be mid-2011.

Others then chimed in with their expected retirement dates wondering if RDA will be released before they go.

Implementation in mid-2011 eh? I guess we still have some time to prepare then … :-)

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