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RDA Q&A with Alan Danskin

Alan Danskin, Chair, Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA, answers some questions posed by Elaine R. Sanchez on the AutoCAT list. The post is under the thread RDA, AACR2 and a simple, commonsenese implementation plan.

Here’s the last question:

Would it not be better for the cataloguing future, if RDA were delayed until funding sources are more solid or until there is more of a consensus desire for its adoption?

AD: While we all look forward to the day when funding is not under threat, experience suggests it would be a mistake to sit on our hands until it arrives. The underlying business model for resource description is changing and RDA is part of the adjustment libraries are making in response to that change.

Danskin manages to accentuate the positive aspects of RDA in all of his responses.

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