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RDA Changes from AACR2 for Texts – Webcast

This looks like another useful webinar from Barbara Tillett from January of this year. Good introduction/overview using AACR2 as the common thread. I found the video found at the link below wasn’t loading, but the ‘Launch in a new window‘ link works fine (and nice and big too!).

RDA Changes from AACR2 for Texts

As the United States begins to prepare to test the new cataloging code, RDA: Resource Description and Access, this presentation explores the changes from AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd ed.) that the new code brings. The focus of this presentation is a brief overview of the changed instructions for cataloging textual materials. The presentation lasts 41 minutes, and the Q&A session afterward runs 35 minutes.”

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