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Learning About RDA – New Diane Hillmann Blog

This new blog, Learning About RDA, looks like it will be a useful and timely blog to follow. Diane Hillmann is blogging to her first online class about RDA.

From the opening post:

I’ve been working through the issues of RDA-as-data ever since then. What this means in practice is that I don’t worry much about the textual rules–I let other people worry about that–so I’ll have very little to say about the text except as it relates to the data. That relationship is a complicated one, and is likely to change over time as RDA is rolled out and used (or not). But I do worry (literally) about the data–the element sets and value vocabularies specifically, and how they’re expressed. So we’ll be talking about this pretty extensively over the next ten weeks, and I hope you’ll find the journey worthwhile.”

Diane Hillmann has been a critic of RDA falling on what she describes as the “not enough change” side of the argument. This was expressed in the 2007 article, Resource Description and Access (RDA): Cataloging Rules for the 20th Century which she co-wrote with Karen Coyle. Diane also writes the Metadata Matters blog.

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