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RDA Cataloguing Examples

Unfortunately I can’t be at the CLA pre-conference in Edmonton, Shaping Tomorrow’s Metadata with RDA, which I imagine is happening as I type this. Many of my colleagues are there and they may be hearing about the official start of the RDA test period which should be getting underway anytime now. After all, the promised month of June is here and free access to the RDA Toolkit has been promised to begin.

RDA cataloguing examples have started to appear here and there and I thought I’d take a quick look and some of them together in one spot for easier consultation.

Adam Schiff’s, Changes from AACR2 to RDA: A Comparison of Examples, is an amazing resource offering 100 examples comparing RDA and AACR side-by-side for a wide variety of formats.

The cataloguers at the University of Chicago have also posted a smaller list of examples. They have provided links to the actual records as the appear in their library system which is useful.

The Library of Congress has set up a page for their test documentation with links to some example documents and more promised. This site will probably expand once the test period officially begins and LC cataloguers start working through the changes.

Chris Oliver’s slides for her presentation, Looking at RDA Through Examples and a Workflow, delivered at the Manitoba Library Assocation meeting last year, is also certainly worth looking at. She provides good references into the RDA rules from the drafts for 3 formats: a book; a streaming video; and a web page.

And also from last year, these Examples for RDA – compared to AACR2 (work in progress) presented at the Texas Library Association Conference Workshop on the Nuts & Bolts of RDA. This collection also provides some comparison to AACR.

Looking forward to getting a chance to play with the RDA Toolkit and looking forward to hearing what news is conveyed at the CLA pre-conference. Happy testing!

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