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RDA MARC Record Examples in LC Catalogue

As noted by J. McRee Elrod on AutoCat last week you can now see some RDA cataloguing records in the Library of Congress catalogue.

Mac’s instructions to find these records:

1. From the home page, left click BASIC SEARCH
2. In the SEARCH TEXT box, type: 040e rda
3. Left click EXPERT SEARCH in the SEARCH TYPE box.
4. Left click BEGIN SEARCH button.
5. To view a record, left click any title.
6. You will be taken to the BRIEF RECORD display. To see the full
MARC record, left click MARC TAGS tab.

Thanks for the heads up Mac.

Here’s an example record:

Trying sex offense cases in Massachusetts

Here you’ll see: the application of the optional omission of creators at the end of the statement of responsibility as per RDA Janice Bassil [and 24 others]; abbreviations spelled out in full, e.g. edition, volumes; and the use of the new MARC 33X codes for content, media, and carrier, in this case to describe the text and CD-ROM.

There are over a thousand records listed so plenty of opportunities to take a look at some RDA cataloguing.

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