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Results of the CRCC Informal RDA Testing Task Force

The Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee have posted the results of their informal RDA testing. This short report, prepared by by Jennifer Young and Valerie Bross, outlines the parameters of the test, a breakdown of the bibliographic and authority records submitted and provide some comments on RDA including a question about implementation. In their concluding remarks they state the following:

Most respondents saw the need for moving away from AACR2 and possibly MARC to enable our data to be more flexible and dynamic. However, RDA needs to be changed to be able to meet those needs of the continuing resources community. Concerns were also brought up about the deficiencies of FRBR in dealing with continuing resources and how RDA doesn’t really address these issues.

The survey results and copies of the records submitted to the National Test are available also through ALAConnect.

Looking forward to more reports on cataloguing experiences with RDA.

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