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RDA, AACR2 and You: Survey results from March-April 2010 survey

Elaine Sanchez announced on Autocat last week that the results of the survey she conducted last spring are now available. In the email she writes:

My hope for this survey was not only that it would show a snapshot of respondents feelings and knowledge regarding RDA’s structure and implementation, but that it also might serve as an image of the feelings and observations of the larger cataloging world regarding RDA and AACR2. I wondered what you were thinking, and I wanted to share your thoughts with the powers that be and the cataloging world.”

A quick look at the results shows that most of the 663 respondents have not actively been keeping up with the developments surrounding RDA and that the number one word that describes their feelings toward RDA is “uncertainty.” This is not surprising: it’s difficult to follow a development like this and keep up with your own work and if you’re not following the action you’re bound to feel uncertain about what’s going on. Conversely there were about 30% who reported that they have been trying to keep up with RDA developments and hope to implement it in their libraries.

Also good to see that there is some knowledge of RDA’s potential for use as a metadata standard outside of the library community and an awareness of the RDA data elements and RDA vocabularies.

Sanchez also provides an overview of the survey results in delivered in a presentation at RDA@Your Library webinar presented by Amigos, February 4, 2011.

Plenty of information to be had in these results and I think that Sanchez succeed in providing a “snapshot of respondents feelings and knowledge regarding RDA’s structure and implementation.” Well worth a look!

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