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RDA Presentations at OLA 2011

I didn’t get to OLA this year which meant I missed some good program sessions and especially disappointed that I missed the sessions dealing with RDA. Fortunately the presentations have been made available on the RDA Cake site*.

These are the sessions you’ll find there:

  • RDA: a quick introduction, by Chris Oliver
  • The FRBR-RDA puzzle: putting the pieces together, by Thomas Brenndorfer
  • Recording attributes of manifestations, items, works & expressions, by Marcia Salmon
  • Identifying persons, corporate bodies; Relationships, by Alison Hitchens
  • RDA training and implementation, by Ellen Symons and Alison Hitchens

I thought I’d take a quick look at Marcia Salmon’s presentation on of my a colleagues here at York University. Marcia begins by stating the objectives of her presentation:

Review the instructions for identifying and recording attributes of manifestation and item

Review the instructions for identifying and recording the media, carrier and content type of an expression, manifestation and item

Review the instructions for identifying and recording attributes of a work and expression

Review the instructions for identifying and recording the preferred and variant title of a work

She then walked the participants through the cataloguing process looking specifically at how to record the title, statement of responsibility, edition, publication, copyright date, series, ISBN and related notes according to RDA. This is a very nice overview of the cataloguing process and a great introduction especially for cataloguers who have been putting off taking a closer look at RDA. Marcia quotes the relevant rules and provides some useful examples to illustrate the application of the rules.

One of the new aspects of cataloguing with RDA is the use of ‘media type‘ and ‘carrier type‘ as resource attributes for manifestations and items. Marcia discusses both of these and supplies an excerpt from nice chart for both media and carrier types which includes the term and description for each type. The complete charts are available in her handouts and I suspect these might be the kind of thing cataloguers will want to have pinned up for quick reference in their work areas. Similarly, there is a chart for ‘content type‘, used as an attribute when describing works and expressions, also supplied in Marcia’s handouts.

The presentation concludes with a couple of exercises which gave the program participants a chance to spread their RDA wings and try applying the rules that Marcia had been speaking about. The exercises along with the answers have been included with the presentation on RDA Cake so if you, like me, were unable to attend, you can try your hand at cataloguing using RDA right now. :-)

I’m sorry I missed these sessions, but very thankful that they are available here for review. Thanks to the presenters for sharing their work and to RDA Cake for making them available!

* RDA CAnadian Knowledge Exchange

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