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Full Report: Report and Recommendations of the U.S. RDA Test Coordinating Committee

This report was issued about a month ago and is where the implementation announcement was made:

Contingent on the satisfactory progress/completion of the tasks and action items below, the Coordinating Committee recommends that RDA should be implemented by LC, NAL, and NLM no sooner than January 2013.

The tasks include the following:

  • Rewrite the RDA instructions in clear, unambiguous, plain English
  • Define process for updating RDA in the online environment
  • Improve functionality of the RDA Toolkit
  • Develop full RDA record examples in MARC and other encoding schemas
  • Announce completion of the Registered RDA Element Sets and Vocabularies. Ensure the registry is well described and in synchronization with RDA rules
  • Demonstrate credible progress towards a replacement for MARC
  • Ensure and facilitate community involvement
  • Lead and coordinate RDA training
  • Solicit demonstrations of prototype input and discovery systems that use the RDA element set (including relationships)

The full report (vii, 184 pages) and executive summary (8 pages) are both available.

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