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JSC Announces Outcomes from 2013 Meeting

The Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (JSC) made the following announcement earlier this week.

The Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA discussed 48 proposals and discussion papers at its November 2013 meeting. A table with a summary of the actions taken by the JSC is available for consultation until the final versions of the approved proposals are posted on this site in early February 2014. The changes in RDA will not be in effect until they appear in the April 2014 Update of the RDA Toolkit.

Couple of highlights:
6JSC/ALA/23 Revision proposal for RDA instructions for treaties

  • “Revised proposal accepted with further revision after January 2014 email discussion”

6JSC/ALA/24 Variant title as access point (RDA,,,,

  • “Not accepted. Agreement to delete paragraphs to remove inconsistencies and to add examples”

6JSC/ALA/Discussion/1 Machine-Actionable Data Elements in RDA: Discussion Paper (2013)

  • “Encouraged revision proposals (did not accept #2; will forward #3 to JSC RDA/ONIX Framework Working Group”

6JSC/CCC/11 Revision of RDA (Titles of Parts, Sections, and Supplements) and RDA (Collective Title and Titles of Individual Contents)

  • “Follow-up accepted with revision after January 2014 email discussion”

6JSC/CILIP Rep/3 RDF representation of RDA relationship designators: a follow-up discussion paper

  • “Recommendations reviewed; some issues referred to JSC Technical Working Group”

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