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Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Data (FRSAD) — Invitation to Review Draft

IFLA has issued an invitation to review the recently completed draft of the Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Data (FRSAD): A Conceptual Theory.

The draft is available at this website <> or you can go directly to the PDF file here <>.

Comments are due by July 31, 2009 and should be submitted to and

Phase I of WorldCat Name Headings Control Completed

“On September 5, OCLC completed the first phase of the project to control more headings in WorldCat.  A total of about 25.5 million new personal name headings were controlled during this first phase.  OCLC staff are now beginning work on future phases and announcements will be distributed as plans become firm.”

Glenn E. Patton, Director, WorldCat Quality Management, OCLC 

Browse LCSH

This is an interesting project by the German cataloguer Bernhard Eversberg. He’s created a browsable database of LC subject headings. The starting point is from here <>.

You can browse on: LCSH Terms; Phrases; Words; Names; and Titles.

Here’s an example using the term ‘remedies’ in the Phrase browse:

o remedies (12)
o remedies : Administrative remedies
o remedies : Equitable remedies
o remedies : Exhaustion of administrative remedies
o remedies : Exhaustion of local remedies [International law]
o remedies : Extraordinary remedies
o remedies : Extraordinary remedies [Roman law]
o remedies : Herbs — Therapeutic use
o remedies : Naturopathy
o remedies : Post-conviction remedies
o remedies : Provisional remedies
o remedies : Remedies [Islamic law]
o remedies : Remedies [Law]
o remedies : Traditional medicine
o remedies islamic law : Remedies [Islamic law]
o remedies law : Remedies [Law]
o remedies, administrative : Administrative remedies
o remedio : Virgen del Remedio [Alicante, Spain]

Clicking on a heading brings up the authority record in the right-hand side of the display along with the opportunity to try a search for the term in WorldCat and some other databases.

He also provides a Boolean interface here <> where you can either search or browse the LC subject authority file.

Give it a try and see what you think.

Authority Tools for Audiovisual and Music Catalogers

OLAC (OnLine Audiovisual Catalogers) maintains a useful list of Authority Tools for Audiovisual and Music Catalogers. This resources was originally compiled by the Subcommittee on Authority Tools, Cataloging Policy Committee, of OLAC and it was updated in December 2005. There are a number of useful resources for audiovisual cataloguers on the OLAC website including the OLAC Electronic Discussion List and a compendium of Useful Web Sites.