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Adding Death Dates to Existing Records

LCRI 22.17 which deals with dates added to personal name authorities has been revised and republished in February 2006 based on a change in policy. This change in policy was the result of comments made regarding the Library of Congress Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO) proposal to allow the addition of death dates to headings in the LC/NACO Authority File. The original proposal was slightly modified based on comments received to limit the addition of death dates to those headings with “open” birth dates. More information regarding the Library of Congress plan for implementing this revised policy is available at

Reclassing F1001-1145 to FC Classification

There is a new cataloguing memo available regarding the reclassing F1001-1145 to FC Classification.

Please be reminded that York classes Canadian history in FC. LC classes Canadian history in F1001-1145. When working with copy classed with LC classification, please reclass to FC.

Do NOT use LC numbers F 1001-1145.2 for Canadian history, instead reclass these numbers to the appropriate number in the FC schedule.

Please do not simply modify the F 1000 number by changing it to FC 1000, etc.

In some copy the appropriate FC number will appear in tag 055 (NLC Call Number). If it does you can use the number in the 055 tag as a guide but please also consult the FC schedule. If you run into any problems with the FC schedule please see Heather Fraser.

If your copy does NOT contain tag 055, please bring the item to Heather Fraser.

Please take some time to review the memo!
Reclassing F1001-1145 to FC Classification Cataloguing Memo

New 13 digit ISBN numbers in cataloguing copy

You will no doubt have noticed in copy that ISBN numbers are changing from 10 to 13 digits. By January 2007 all publishers should have switched. In the interim period, you may see both types of ISBN numbers in copy. Here are the procedures to follow:

If the copy has two ISBNs each in a 020 then leave it as is.

If the copy has two ISBNs and the 13 digit ISBN is in an 024 tag instead of an 020 tag then modify the 024 by changing it to an 020 tag and make it the first 020 tag in the record

A cataloguing memo with more details and examples will follow and at the January Bib Services Department meeting there will be a cataloguing minibyte on the same topic.

Procedures for treatment of the13 digit ISBN in original cataloguing will follow.

Please see Heather if you have any questions.