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Making 440 obsolete in MARC 21

From the recent round of MARBI proposals, no. 2008-07 proposes to simplify the series statment.

SUMMARY: This paper proposes making field 440 obsolete in favor of using 490 (Series Statement) and the 8XX Series added entry fields for traced series. This simplifies practices and the need for systems to look multiple places in the records for the authorized series heading. The paper also proposes changes to the first indicator value 1 definition in field 490.

MARBI Discussion Papers

There are a number of discussion papers available from MARBI . You may find them interesting to note.

Recording geographic coordinates in the MARC 21 Authority Format
Addition of coded value to 008 for content alerts in the MARC 21 Bibliographic format
Incorporation of Former Headings into MARC 21 Authority Records
Indicating coverage dates for indexes in the MARC 21 Holdings Format

For further MARBI-related info see the minutes from the 2005 Annual MARBI meeting.