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LC Announces RDA Test Partner Libraries

Interest in participating in the test was far greater than we had anticipated.“, said Beacher Wiggins, Director for Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access at the Library of Congress.  After some “unforseen delays” the US National Libraries RDA Test Steering Committee announced the list of 26 partners selected to test RDA in the U.S.  This group will test the content and online functionality of Resource Description and Access.

JSC Website is Moving

Announcement yesterday from Nathalie Schulz, Secretary of the Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA.

For your information, the JSC Web site is moving to:

For the last 10 years, Library and Archives Canada has been the host of the JSC Web site ( As well as generously hosting the site, staff at Library and Archives Canada have promptly and cheerfully loaded all pages and documents prepared by the JSC Webmaster.

The JSC Web site is moving because it is not feasible to make it comply with new Canadian Federal Government guidelines. With the help of ALA, the JSC now has its own domain name, and the Webmaster is able to directly update the site.

Currently both the old and new sites are operational, however, within the next week redirections will be put in place from the old site to the new site. The redirections will go to special pages that will explain the change in name and ask people to update their bookmarks. The redirections will be for a period of one year.

Tom Delsey Leaving the RDA Project

If you get the chance John Attig’s final comments on his excellent reporting of the March JSC meeting are worth reading.  Most notably in my mind is the mention that Tom Delsey, the RDA editor, will be leaving the project.  No mention of who will be taking on that role in the future.

John’s last paragraph about the winding up and challenges to come:

Tonight, the JSC is feeling a strong sense of standing at the end of a long road. The nature of the JSC will change considerably in the next year or so, not only because of the need to operate without the contributions of those who are leaving the project, but also because the nature of the task will be changing in many ways. The road ahead is still obscured by fog, as many decisions have yet to be made, but we are looking forward to having a completed RDA product to maintain.

Outcomes of the 12-20 March 2009 Meeting of the JSC

A very brief announcement about the outcomes of the recent Joint Steering Committee (JSC) meeting have been posted to the JSC website.

“…the majority of the meeting was spent discussing constituency responses to the full draft of RDA (5JSC/RDA/Full Draft). The JSC was able to complete discussion of all priority comments on RDA instructions (over 400 in total). As well as those comments identified as priorities by the constituencies, the JSC focused on decisions concerning:

* the element analysis;
* the definitions of elements, sub-elements, and element sub-types, and;
* changes to controlled lists of terms (and their definitions).

More details to come in the meeting minutes. Also some additional information is available on John Attig’s blog.

Mapping the Market for MARC

Interesting news from the Library of Congress yesterday announcing a Study of Bibliographic Record Publication.

The Library has commissioned a study to research and describe the current marketplace for cataloging records in the MARC format, with primary focus on the economics of current practices, including existing incentives and barriers to both contribution and availability.

This is a follow up on one of the recommendations included in last year’s, On the Record: Report of the Library of Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control, suggesting that “cataloging activity must be shared more broadly and equitably among all libraries.

Deanna Marcum, Associate Librarian for Library Services at the Library of Congress, will lead the investigation, and had this to say about this new initiative:

I am very optimistic that the project will shed new light on the current cataloging supply and distribution environment … in such a way that future opportunities and challenges can be promptly identified and evaluated. I am hopeful that librarians and all other participants in the distribution chain will be as forthcoming as possible during the investigative process. Our intention is to understand as fully as possible both the economic and workflow implications for the U.S. and Canadian marketplace prior to implementing any changes at the Library.

ISBD Material Designations Study Group Invitation for Comments

This notice has been recently issued re: the proposed area 0 “Content Form and Media Type”. Comment deadline is Jaunuary 30, 2009.

“Dear colleagues,
The members of the Materials Designations Study Group within the ISBD Review Group have completed the preparation of a draft of a proposed area 0 “Content Form and Media Type” together with examples. It is now posted on IFLANET and an invitation for worldwide review has been extended.

Congratulations to the Material Designations Study Group and its chair Lynne Howarth and also to the ISBD Review Group chaired by Elena Escolano Rodriguez and many thanks for their hard work and dedication.

The invitation to comment has background information, explanations, and a link to the PDF of the draft document. Please share this information with colleagues in your institutions and in your countries and encourage them to comment.

The invitation is posted on IFLANET:

Please make comments before 30 January according to instructions in the invitation.
Kind regards,
Anders Cato
Chair of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Cataloguing Section”

Final Draft of RDA Delayed Until October

Karen Coyle blogged this announcement made at ALA. Here’s the official statement distributed by Nathalie Schulz, JSC Secretary:

The Co-Publishers of RDA Online (the American Library Association, the Canadian Library Association, and the Chartered Institute ofLibrary and Information Professionals) have reached the conclusion that further time is required to complete the development of the new software that will be used for distributing the full draft of RDA for constituency review.

The full draft was originally scheduled for release on August 4, 2008. Instead, it will now be issued in October 2008. The three month time period allocated for comments on the full draft is unchanged, and in this new schedule will extend from October into January 2009. More specific dates for RDA’s final release will be forthcoming shortly.

Members of the Committee of Principals (CoP) and the Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (JSC) agree that the importance of distributing RDA content in a well-developed and tested version of the new software is such that a two-month delay is justified. They concluded that this extension is worthwhile given the ultimate value of the exceptional effort that is going into RDA and feel that the review by constituencies will be enhanced as a result.”

Looks like it will be an RDA free summer after all.

IFLA Cataloguing News

Interested in what’s going on in the international cataloguing scene? Then you’ll be interested in SCATNews, the Newsletter of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Cataloguing Section.  The latest issue has articles on:

  • News from the Library of Congress / by Susan R. Morris
  • What’s new with the FRBR Entity “Expression”? / by Pat Riva and Anders Cato
  • Government of Canada Web Archive / submitted by Marg Stewart