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OCLC Expert Community Experiment

This sounds like an interesting development out of OCLC:

In response to requests from the cataloging community, OCLC is introducing the Expert Community Experiment which enables cataloging members to make more changes to WorldCat records.

During the Experiment, members with full level cataloging authorizations have the ability to improve and upgrade more WorldCat master records than has been previously possible. The Experiment begins in mid-February 2009, and is expected to last six months.

Introductory web information sessions will be held throughout February for those interested in participating in the Experiment.

Please see the Expert Community Experiment page to register to attend a web sessions.  More information will be added to this page over the next few days.

Glenn E. Patton, OCLC, Director, WorldCat Quality Management

Petition for OCLC to Collaboratively Re-write Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat Records

There is an online petition circulating asking that OCLC involve member libraries and others in the re-writing of the the Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat Records.

For those of you who believe OCLC should not implement the policy/FAQ as written, and who perhaps have difficulty in figuring out (and letting OCLC know) exactly how they should be re-written, this petition provides a vehicle for your consideration and support.

More information on the petition is available here.

OCLC has provided this Summary of the Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat® Records.

And you’ll find more information on the controversy over this OCLC policy change, including numerous blog posts, available at this code4lib wiki: OCLC Policy Change.

Phase I of WorldCat Name Headings Control Completed

“On September 5, OCLC completed the first phase of the project to control more headings in WorldCat.  A total of about 25.5 million new personal name headings were controlled during this first phase.  OCLC staff are now beginning work on future phases and announcements will be distributed as plans become firm.”

Glenn E. Patton, Director, WorldCat Quality Management, OCLC 

OCLC Relax validation in batch processing

This was announced by Rich Greene about a month ago, but may still be of interest to you. OCLC has relaxed its validation requirements for batch loading of records into the OCLC database:

“After April 13, only severe errors will prevent records from being added to WorldCat via batch. Records with minor errors will be added.

Also noted:

“…some records added via batch after April 13 may contain fill characters in the OCLC fixed field or in fields 006 or 007.”

Here’s the complete announcement.