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Monograph Check List

Monograph Check List

Created: 96/07/05 Updated: 2000/07/24 Questions and Comments to:


Monograph Check List

Verify access points as required – if necessary check authority file.

  1. Search by Title
  2. Click on Title.

    • Click on Display1 Item (if there is more than one copy, click on copy to be worked on and then click on Edit Item).
    • Click on Edit Item
  3. Click on GO
  4. Verify locations
  5. Check that circulation status is correct
  6. Input new call number
  7. Class scheme – change from Auto to LC etc.
  8. Make sure record format is MARC for book (if not, do not proceed)
  9. Complete descriptive information
  10. Add 592 field: eg. bjs
  11. Click on GO to update record
  12. Shelflisting

    • Display 1 and truncate call number using $
    • if call number doesn't fit make a note of what it should be
  13. Click on Back to return to Edit Item. Correct call no. if necessary
  14. Wand in barcode. Make sure it is correct
  15. Change date catalogued from NEVER to TODAY
  16. Click on GO
  17. Display1 (F2) for a final check
  18. Click on Edit Item. Print record from the top line with the title down as far as the Control # in Title Information
  19. On the printout write the correct Item Type that will replace the "IN-PROCESS", e.g. SCOTT-BOOK. Add initials