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Bibliographic Services > Verifying and Maintaining ULRS

Verifying and Maintaining ULRS


Verification of URLs

The first time an electronic resource is catalogued, the cataloguer will verify the URL in the WebCat and be responsible for doing an Internet search to correct outdated/incorrect URLs. URLs that cannot be verified will be referred back to the appropriate bibliographer.

Verifying URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

  1. Open web browser (i.e. Netscape)
  2. Click on File
  3. Click on Open Location ( Netscape 3) OR Click on Open Page ( Netscape Communicator)
  4. In dialogue box, type in the URL and click on Open

Searching for a New Location for an Invalid URL

Sometimes, when verifying a URL, the URL will no longer be valid. In some cases, you are taken directly to the new location and you will be able to copy the new URL directly from the location dialogue box. If not, choose one of the search engines made available in the Searching Tools and Subject Trees section of the Technical Services Web Page and try to locate the resource. Tips: Use a search option that will allow you to search by an exact phrase, use the title of the electronic resource as your search. If the item is a government document, go to the Government of Canada main website and try to find the website for the Department which issued the document. The Government of Canada website can be found in the “Resources by Format or Type” section of our Technical Services Web Page

Checking the Link in the GUI version

  1. Make sure that your web browser is running
  2. Search for the item in Yorkline and double click on the entry when you find it so that it is displayed using the “opac like” view
  3. Move the mouse pointer over the text in the Electronic Access tag. The pointer should turn into a magnifying glass
  4. Double click on the text and the web browser will automatically connect to the site

Checking the Link in the Web Catalogue

  1. Click on York University Libraries Home Page from the Technical Services Web Page
  2. Click on TITLE from “Express Access”
  3. Search the title in the WebCat and display the record
  4. Click on the URL in the Electronic Access tag and see if the connection works
  5. Correct in the GUI if necessary, update the record and then repeat steps 1 – 4 again

Broken links

Broken links should be reported to Bibliographic Services or Law Library Cataloguing as appropriate. Bibliographic Services and Law Cataloguing will be responsible for doing an Internet search to correct outdated/incorrect URLs in their records. URLs that cannot be verified will be referred back to the appropriate bibliographer.

Maintaining URLs

It is possible to create a report in SIRSI which will produce a list of records containing an electronic link. i.e., an 856 tag. The finished report is edited and converted into an HTML document that can be run against a link checker. The link checker will identify links that have been broken but does not identify the new link. The report should be run monthly. View our local procedures for maintaining URLS in a document entitled York University Libraries Procedures for Maintaining URLs