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Bibliographic Services > Gifts to Select and Add September 2000

Gifts to Select and Add September 2000

A. Collections housed in Rm 013
No. of
LOC Donor Items Date ready Librarian Comments
204A,B1,D Bazin 496 Sept. 25/92 MK
215D1-7 Brickman (Yiddish Collection) 315 Feb 11/99 DI to be cat- summer proj
220A,B,C Bazin 2340 Apr. 1990 MK
255A1-4 Ukrainian films 62 1990 MK
256D1-4 Assorted books 177 1999 MK to select
275A,B Lefeber 283 Dec-99 TK to select
276D Rudzik – Ukrainian 457 Dec-99 MK to select
Total: 4130
B. Brief listed books 2579
Grand total: 6709