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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects April 29 – May 5, 2002

New Subjects April 29 – May 5, 2002

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from April 29, 2002 to May 05, 2002

Record Key    Heading
a1562309      650  0|aAcupuncture points
a1561363      650  0|aAfrican American neighborhoods
a1582390      650  0|aAfrican American scientists
a1559058      650  0|aAfrican American women
a1560864      650  0|aAfrican Americans on television.
a1560579      650  0|aAl-Aqsa Intifada, 2000-
a1560924      650  0|aAlien abduction.
a1560846      650  0|aAlterpieces
a1560519      651  0|aAmbodiharina (Madagascar)
a1560519      650  0|aBetsimisaraka (Malagasy people)
a1582391      650  0|aBiocompatibility.
a1517157      650  0|aBusinesspeople
a1533774      651  0|aCanadian Rockies (B.C. and Alta.)
a1515160      650  0|aCantors (Church music)
a1515094      650  0|aCartooning
a1579470      650  0|aChance compositions.
a1582402      650  0|aChemical vapor deposition
a1560497      651  0|aCherâan (Mexico)
a1582179      650  0|aCollage, German.
a1515094      650  0|aComic strip characters.
a1517154      650  0|aCommercialism in schools
a1581112      650  0|aConcertos (Bandonion)
a1560488      650  0|aCounterculture
a1560875      650  0|aCountry rock music
a1579592      650  0|aCyborgs in mass media.
a1560612      650  0|aDiscrimination in juvenile justice administration
a1560564      650  0|aDiseases in literature.
a1561359      650  0|aDon Juan (Legendary character) in literature.
a1579459      650  4|aElectroacoustic music 
                   150  0|aComputer music
a1558457      650  0|aFeminist fiction, American
a1558454      650  0|aFeminist fiction, English
a1580763      650  0|aFlèugelhorn music.
a1560484      650  0|aGay motion picture actors and actresses
a1560484      650  0|aGay motion picture producers and directors
a1561397      650  0|aHealth psychology. 
                   150  0|aClinical health psychology
a1582420      650  0|aHelminthiasis.
a1561504      650  0|aHeroines in opera.
a1582404      650  0|aHigh-performance liquid chromatography
a1561363      651  0|aHill District (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
a1560592      650  0|aHispanic American drama (Spanish)
a1516880      650  0|aHomeless families
a1560826      650  0|aHuman skin color in art.
a1560924      650  0|aHuman-alien encounters.
a1560971      650  0|aImagination in literature.
a1560863      650  0|aImperialism in motion pictures.
a1582437      650  0|aInternet programming.
a1560606      651  0|aKpuawala (Sierra Leone)
a1582413      650  0|aLow dimensional topology
a1560564      650  0|aMind and body in literature.
a1581189      650  0|aMobile computing.
a1560848      650  0|aMonsters in mass media.
a1511864      650  0|aMoroccan fiction (French)
a1509249      650  0|aMotivational speakers
a1579470      650  0|aMusic box music.
a1558457      650  0|aMythology, Classical, in literature.
a1583444      650  0|aNative business enterprises
a1581133      650  0|aOboe d'amore and guitar with orchestra.
a1560579      650  0|aPalestinian American journalists
a1579191      650  0|aPerl (Computer program language)
a1582437      650  0|aPersonal communication service systems.
a1579191      650  0|aPHP (Computer program language)
a1515206      650  0|aPoststructuralism.
a1560547      650  0|aPower (Social sciences) in literature.
a1579601      650  0|aProjection art.
a1562351      650  0|aProofs (Printing)
a1516869      650  0|aProprioceptors.
a1564185      650 22|aPublishing
a1560575      650  0|aPullman porters
                   150  0|aPorters
a1579191      650  0|aPython (Computer program language)
a1559058      650  0|aRace in literature.
a1560864      650  0|aRape on television.
a1581507      650  0|aReading rooms
a1560579      650  0|aRefugees, Palestinian Arab
a1574494      650  0|aRegisters of birth, etc.
a1582429      650  0|aRegulators (Mathematics)
a1581134      650  0|aShakuhachi and biwa music.
a1581134      650  0|aShakuhachi and biwa with orchestra.
a1559058      650  0|aSlavery in literature.
a1516880      650  0|aSocial services
a1580763      650  0|aSongs (High voice) with flèugelhorn.
a1582432      650  0|aTime-domain analysis.
a1560488      650  0|aTropicâalia (Music)
a1580763      650  0|aTrumpet and double bass music.
a1580763      650  0|aTrumpet and electronic music.
a1560846      650  0|aTzutuhil Indians
a1560846      650  0|aTzutuhil sculpture
a1582397      650  0|aUML (Computer science)
a1516854      650  0|aUser interfaces (Computer science)
a1560460      650  0|aWaqf
a1582394      650  0|aWavelength division multiplexing.
a1573386      650  0|aWeb site development
a1516865      650  0|aWeyl groups
a1579192      650  0|aWireless Application Protocol (Computer network
a1582437      650  0|aWireless Internet.
a1560615      650  0|aWomen labor union members
a1579191      650  0|aXML (Document markup language)