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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects August 18-24, 2003

New Subjects August 18-24, 2003

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from August 18, 2003 to August 24, 2003

Record Key    Heading
a1647859      650  0|aAbusive women.
a1647610      650  0|aAccident victims
a1647486      650  0|aAdaptive computing systems
a1647909      650  0|aAfrican American authors
a1647813      650  0|aAfrican American baseball players
a1647667      650  0|aAfrican American churches
a1647756      650  0|aAfrican American families
a1647943      650  0|aAfrican American men in literature.
a1647720      650  0|aAfrican American parents
a1647886      650  0|aAfrican American physicians
a1647955      650  0|aAfrican American quilts.
a1647743      650  0|aAfrican American women poets
a1647867      650  0|aAfrican Americans in literature.
a1647940      650  0|aAnorexia nervosa in literature.
a1647307      650  0|aAphantorhophosis samarensis
a1647940      650  0|aAppetite in literature.
a1647737      650  0|aArchitecture and science.
a1647608      650  0|aArgentine prose literature
a1619645      650  0|aArt movements
a1647580      650  0|aAstronautics in literature.
a1647619      650  0|aAuthoritarianism in literature.
a1603125      650  0|aBarrier-free design
                   150  0|aArchitecture and the physically handicapped
a1647867      650  0|aBlackface entertainers
a1647940      650  0|aBody image in literature.
a1647681      650  0|aBuddhism and psychoanalysis.
a1631637      650  0|aCatfishing
a1647875      650  0|aCatholic ex-priests
                   150  0|aEx-priests, Catholic
a1638181      650  0|aCelesta, harp, glockenspiel, vibraphones (2) with string
a1611381      650  0|aCentralized industrial waste treatment facilities
a1631637      650  0|aChannel catfish
a1647814      650  0|aChildren of clergy
a1629215      650  0|aChildren of parents with disabilities
a1647756      650  0|aChildren of physicians
a1647586      650  0|aCivilization, Medieval, in literature.
a1647729      650  0|aCold War in literature.
a1647684      650  0|aCommunism and science.
a1647808      650  0|aCool jazz
a1647827      650  0|aCosmopolitanism. 
                   150  0|aInternationalism
a1647733      650  0|aCouples
a1647589      650  0|aCriminals in literature.
a1647718      650  0|aCulture in literature.
a1647869      650  0|aDecolonization in literature.
a1647392      650  0|aDeep Space Network.
a1634914      650  0|aDemeter (Greek deity)
a1647634      650  0|aDesire in literature.
a1647604      650  0|aDomestic relations in literature.
a1647877      650  0|aDomestics in literature.
a1647940      650  0|aEating disorders in literature.
a1634914      651  0|aEleusis (Greece)
a1562910      650  0|aEmblems in literature
a1595814      650  0|aExcavation
a1592626      650  0|aExecutive
a1531856      650  0|aExperimental drama, French
a1513003      650  0|aFat cells.
a1647583      650  0|aFemmes fatales in literature.
a1531900      650  0|aFrench authors
                   150  0|aAuthors, French
a1599972      650  0|aFunctional foods.
a1590530      650  0|aFuture in popular culture
a1647550      650  0|aGenerals in literature.
a1647589      650  0|aGeography in literature.
a1647886      650  0|aGovernment investigators
a1636545      650  0|aGround source heat pump systems.
a1559480      651  0|aHa'ano Island (Tonga)
a1530445      650  0|aHeart diseases
                   150  0|aHeart|xDiseases
a1641181      651  0|aHelsinki (Finland)
a1647922      650  0|aHoly Spirit (Judaism)
a1647854      650  0|aHomosexuality, Male, in literature.
a1647722      650  0|aHuman beings in literature.
a1647673      650  0|aHysteria in literature.
a1647556      650  0|aInclusive education
a1647557      650  0|aInclusive education
a1636414      650  6|aIndicateurs de santâe
a1647917      650  0|aIndigenous peoples in motion pictures.
a1647579      650  0|aIndividuality in literature.
a1647581      650  0|aInmate guards
a1600807      651  0|aInternational District (Seattle, Wash.)
a1647934      650  0|aIslam and architecture.
a1531900      650  0|aIsolation (Philosophy)
a1647861      651  0|aKurdistan (Iraq)
a1647897      651  0|aLa Canoa (Jalisco, Mexico)
a1619998      650  0|aLandscape in literature
a1519948      650  0|aLargemouth bass
a1647386      650  0|aLeadership in women
a1647580      650  0|aLife on other planets in literature.
a1636414      650  6|aLogement
a1636414      650  6|aLogement et santâe
a1647920      650  0|aLove poetry, Mexican.
a1647375      650  0|aLutra canadensis
a1647452      650  0|aLysistrata (Fictitious character)
a1647583      650  0|aMan-woman relationships in literature.
a1647604      650  0|aManners and customs in literature.
a1647693      650  0|aMarble sculpture, Greek
a1647658      650  0|aMarriage in motion pictures.
a1647658      650  0|aMarriage in popular culture.
a1647604      650  0|aMarried people in literature.
a1647890      650  0|aMass media in Islam.
a1601365      650  0|aMedalta pottery
a1647745      651  0|aMexican American Border Region
a1647803      650  0|aMilitary art and science in literature.
a1647745      651  0|aMission District (San Francisco, Calif.)
a1647839      650  0|aMonarchy in literature.
a1647907      650  0|aMoral realism.
a1638446      650  0|aMulticulturalism in literature
a1600808      650  0|aNabataeans.
a1647735      650  0|aNational characteristics, American, in literature.
a1647608      650  0|aNational characteristics, Argentine, in literature.
a1599336      650  0|aNative peoples
                   150  0|aIndigenous peoples
a1600072      650  0|aNatural landscaping.
a1595946      650  0|aNatural pipelines
a1647612      651  0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1647872      651  0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1647709      650  0|aNo. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (Imaginary organization) 
a1647578      650  0|aPacific Islander American women
a1647585      650  0|aPain in art.
a1531793      650  0|aPainting in literature.
a1639307      650  0|aPanfish
a1639307      650  0|aPanfish fishing
a1647604      650  0|aParent and child in literature.
a1629215      650  0|aParents with disabilities
a1557526      650  0|aParticipatory rural appraisal.
a1557523      650  0|aParticipatory rural appraisal
a1647651      650  0|aPaternity in literature.
a1600001      650  0|aPathogenic bacteria.
a1647863      650  0|aPerforming arts in literature.
a1600808      651  0|aPetra (Extinct city)
a1647680      650  0|aPhantasia (The Greek word)
a1630807      650  0|aPike
a1630807      650  0|aPike fishing
a1647589      650  0|aPlace (Philosophy) in literature.
a1647661      650  0|aPoisoning
a1647836      650  0|aPolicy networks.
a1647892      650  0|aPoor families
a1647715      650  0|aPopular culture in literature.
a1641730      650  0|aPosters, Swedish.
a1647632      650  0|aPostmodernism and education
a1647906      650  0|aPotter, Harry (Fictitious character)
a1541164      650  0|aPottery, Italian
a1647877      650  0|aPower (Social sciences) in literature.
a1600860      650  0|aProject management
                   150  0|aIndustrial project management
a1641730      650  0|aPsychedelic art
a1636400      650  0|aPublic-private sector cooperation
a1647427      650  0|aQuantum computers.
a1647887      650  0|aQuotation in music.
a1647580      650  0|aRace in literature.
a1647832      650  0|aRacial profiling in law enforcement
a1647596      650  0|aRacism in literature.
a1647746      650  0|aRacism in psychology
a1647428      650  0|aRadio frequency integrated circuits
a1647668      650  0|aRamotswe, Precious (Fictitious character)
a1647943      650  0|aRawlins, Easy (Fictitious character)
a1647948      650  0|aReligious fanaticism.
a1647846      650  0|aRich people
a1636414      650  6|aSantâe publique
a1647579      650  0|aSelf in literature.
a1647430      650  0|aSemantic Web.
a1647877      650  0|aServants in literature.
a1647596      650  0|aSexism in literature.
a1475910      650  0|aSingle-stick.
a1647628      650  0|aSite-specific installations (Art)
a1647877      650  0|aSlavery in literature.
a1600684      650  0|aSliding mode control.
a1519948      650  0|aSmallmouth bass
a1590528      650  0|aSound sculpture
a1647839      650  0|aSovereignty in literature.
a1647679      650  0|aSpiritual biography.
a1647839      650  0|aState, The, in literature.
a1475910      650  0|aStick fighting.
a1647579      650  0|aSubjectivity in literature.
a1635377      650  0|aSuites (Saxophone with orchestra), Arranged.
a1600014      650  0|aSynchronous data transmission systems.
a1647422      650  0|aSystems on a chip
a1647606      650  0|aTarzan (Fictitious character)
a1647863      650  0|aTheater in literature.
a1647612      650  0|aThroat
a1647879      650  0|aTransnationalism.
a1594368      650  0|aTransportation planning. 
                   150  0|aTransportation|xPlanning
a1645131      650  0|aTrombone music (Jazz)
a1519947      650  0|aTrout fisheries
a1474047      651  0|aUdaipur (Princely State)
a1647376      650  0|aUngulates
                   150  0|aUngulata
a1647416      650  0|aUse cases (Systems engineering)
a1647424      650  0|aVegetables in human nutrition.
a1647405      650  0|aVerilog (Computer hardware description language)
a1647428      650  0|aVery high speed integrated circuits.
a1647585      650  0|aViolence in art.
a1647910      650  0|aVisual communication in art.
a1647700      650  0|aVisual perception in literature.
a1615039      651  0|aWalpole Island (Lambton, Ont.)
a1647550      650  0|aWar stories, Japanese
a1595876      650  0|aWaste paint
a1647719      650  0|aWaxworks.
a1583054      650  0|aWest Indian literature (French)
a1599975      651  0|aWest (U.S.)
a1647847      650  0|aWhale sounds
a1647722      650  0|aWild men in literature.
a1595953      650  0|aWind chill index.
a1647906      650  0|aWizards in literature.
a1517497      650  0|aWoman storytellers
a1647668      650  0|aWomen private investigators
a1517497      650  0|aWomen shamans