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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects August 2-8, 2004

New Subjects August 2-8, 2004

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from August 02, 2004 to August 08, 2004

Record Key    Heading
a1680172 651 0|aAbkhazia (Georgia)
a1644432 650 0|aAdult education students
a1679608 650 0|aAesthetics, European
a1627583 650 6|aAnimaux
a1705639 650 0|aAquaculturists
a1641518 650 0|aArt, Thai
a1641509 650 0|aArtists, Aboriginal Australian
a1627583 650 6|aBiologie des populations.
a1640235 650 0|aClimate changes
150 0|aClimatic changes
a1679733 650 0|aConcertos (Piano, flute, violin with string orchestra)
a1679733 650 0|aConcertos (Pianowith string orchestra)
a1705408 650 0|aCoronaviruses.
a1679608 650 0|aDecadence in art.
a1627583 650 6|aâEvolution (Biologie)
a1628998 650 0|aExile (Punishment) in literature
a1703809 650 0|aForeign language television programs
a1627583 650 6|aGâenâetique des populations.
a1643487 650 0|aIdentity (Psychology) in literature
a1644879 650 0|aNutrient cycles
a1680172 650 0|aOperation Alba, 1997.
a1640069 650 0|aOrbital rendezvous (Space flight)
a1681356 650 0|aPandalus borealis
a1627583 650 6|aPlantes
a1694081 650 0|aReality television programs
a1695843 650 0|aReflectors (Safety devices)
a1673913 651 0|aSidi Bel Abbáes (Algeria)
a1685497 650 0|aSongs, Ladino.
a1685497 650 0|aSongs, Old French.
a1703809 650 0|aTelevision plays, Japanese.
a1700726 651 0|aWalsall (England)
a1644042 650 0|aWildlife as food