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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects August 25-31, 2003

New Subjects August 25-31, 2003

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from August 25, 2003 to August 31, 2003

Record Key    Heading
a1616475      650  0|aAfrican American college teachers
a1661221      650  0|aAfrican American political activists
a1661200      650  0|aAfrican Americans in mass media.
a1661209      650  0|aAfro-Caribbean cults.
a1648016      651  0|aAmazon River Watershed.
a1661279      651  0|aAntilles, Greater
a1648467      650  0|aArchitecture, Portuguese colonial
a1661231      650  0|aArmenian massacres survivors
a1599828      650  0|aAsthma in children
a1591087      651  0|aBeauharnois-Salaberry (Quebec)
a1661242      650  0|aBeauty contests
a1492936      650  0|aBhakti in literature.
a1661247      650  0|aBosnian Americans
a1494166      650  0|aBrahman.
a1648133      650  0|aCanons, fugues, etc. (Instrumental ensemble)
a1623272      650  0|aCarbon sequestration
a1648133      650  0|aConcertos (Harpsichords (2) with string orchestra),
a1648133      650  0|aConcertos (Violin and oboe with string orchestra)
a1648140      650  0|aConcertos (Violin and violoncello with chamber
a1661248      650  0|aCriminals in literature.
a1599828      650  0|aDiabetes in adolescence
a1648248      650  0|aDigital watermarking
a1661262      650  0|aDivination in literature.
a1661230      650  0|aDowsers
a1531932      650  0|aEcho (Greek mythology) in literature.
a1531932      650  0|aEcho in literature.
a1588499      651  0|aElgin (Ont. : County)
a1591134      650  0|aFarmers' markets
a1661230      650  0|aFarmers' spouses
a1648251      650  0|aFolic acid deficiency.
a1648251      650  0|aFolic acid in human nutrition.
a1661248      650  0|aFugitive slaves in literature.
a1661248      650  0|aFugitives from justice in literature.
a1661248      650  0|aFugitives from justice in motion pictures.
a1648253      650  0|aGenetic programming (Computer science)
a1661230      650  0|aGrandmothers
a1661200      650  0|aHispanic Americans in mass media.
a1513555      650  0|aHomocysteine
a1661248      650  0|aJustice, Administration of, in literature.
a1492936      650  0|aKannada poetry
a1634252      651  0|aLaramie (Wyo.)
a1591087      651  0|aLes Jardins-de-Napierville (Quebec)
a1648260      650  0|aLow voltage integrated circuits
a1611303      650  0|aMarijuana abuse
a1602121      650  0|aMicroelectromechanical systems.
a1661277      650  0|aMormon fundamentalism.
a1624975      650  0|aNational health services
a1648251      650  0|aNeural tube
a1661242      650  0|aNo. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (Imaginary organization) 
a1622629      651  0|aOak Ridges Moraine (Ont.)
a1661322      651  0|aOak Ridges Moraine (Ont.)
a1661262      650  0|aOracles in literature.
a1585120      650  0|aOrejâon Indians
a1513002      650  0|aOsteoarthritis.
a1648141      650  0|aPassion music.
a1601965      650  0|aPolitics in fiction.
a1622724      650  0|aPolyptychs
a1661254      650  0|aPoor single mothers
a1661285      650  0|aPostmodernism and higher education.
a1661205      650  0|aPublic-private sector cooperation
a1661242      650  0|aRamotswe, Precious (Fictitious character)
a1648210      650  0|aRhetoricians
a1648519      650  0|aRoland (Fictitious character)
a1591087      651  0|aRoussillon (Quebec)
a1661247      651  0|aSarajevo (Bosnia and Hercegovina)
a1585120      650  0|aSecoya Indians
a1531932      650  0|aSelf in literature.
a1648258      650  0|aSensor networks
a1632657      650  0|aSimple Object Access Protocol (Computer network
a1644459      650  0|aState-sponsored terrorism.
a1648267      650  0|aSubgroup growth (Mathematics)
a1661225      650  0|aTeenage gamblers
a1586824      650  0|aTrade unions.
a1636922      650  0|aTransmission mechanism (Monetary policy)
a1661230      650  0|aTriangles (Interpersonal relations)
a1599931      650  0|aWomen and animals.
a1661242      650  0|aWomen private investigators
a1648247      650  0|aWorkflow