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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects December 22-28, 2003

New Subjects December 22-28, 2003

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from December 22, 2003 to December 28, 2003

Record Key    Heading
a1676509      650  0|aAdiabatic invariants.
a1676428      650  0|aAstrophysical spectropolarimetry.
a1676378      650  0|aBayesian field theory.
a1676498      650  0|aCoherent states.
a1676377      650  0|aComplex fluids.
a1676493      650  0|aComputer systems
a1676502      650  0|aCrystalline interfaces.
a1676502      650  0|aDendritic crystals.
a1676388      650  0|aDescrete geometry.
a1676501      650  0|aDiscontinuous groups.
a1676395      650  0|aEcological engineering.
a1676509      650  0|aGeometric quantum phases.
a1676511      650  0|aHamilton spaces.
a1676389      650  0|aHeart diseases in women.
a1667223      650  0|aInternet and women
a1676501      650  0|aIsometrics (Mathematics)
a1676505      650  0|aJump processes.
a1676502      650  0|aLiquid-liquid interfaces.
a1676440      650  0|aMites as biological pest control agents.
a1676476      650  0|aNettles
a1676490      650  0|aPalpation
a1676530      650  0|aPartition of unity method.
a1676502      650  0|aPattern formation (Physical sciences)
a1676448      650  0|aPhytoremediation.
a1676440      650  0|aPlant mites.
a1676521      650  0|aQuadrants (Astronomical instruments)
a1676478      650  0|aSevere storms.
a1676502      650  0|aSolid-liquid interfaces.
a1676504      650  0|aSolid-state physics.
a1676662      650  0|aSubliminal advertising. 
                   150  0|aSubliminal projection
a1676472      650  0|aTissue engineering
a1676475      650  0|aUnimolecular reactions.
a1676465      650  0|aVerilog (Computer hardware description language)
a1676666      650  0|aVirtual work teams.
a1676517      650  0|aWave motion, Theory of