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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects December 6-12, 2004

New Subjects December 6-12, 2004

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from December 06, 2004 to December 12, 2004

Record Key    Heading
a1717797 650 0|aAir quality monitoring stations
a1681032 650 0|aAlgerian literature (French)
a1676180 650 0|aAshaninca Indians
a1647442 650 0|aBirthmarks
a1678768 650 0|aBritons in literature.
a1668522 650 0|aCanadian Americans
a1676208 650 0|aCanadian literature (English).
a1674931 650 5|aCanadian poetry (English)
a1675047 650 6|aDroit
a1720082 650 0|aEsparto.
a1714294 650 0|aFeminist fiction, English
a1674758 650 0|aGuadeloupe fiction (French)
a1674931 650 5|aHaiku, Canadian (English)
a1719923 650 0|aHistorical bibliography.
a1675775 650 0|aIdioms
a1647997 650 0|aIEEE 802.11 (Standard)
a1674599 650 0|aInternet in higher education.
a1648511 650 0|aJewish men in literature.
a1720227 651 0|aLong Island (N.Y.)
a1674758 650 0|aMartinique fiction (French)
a1648511 650 0|aMasculinity in literature.
a1678768 650 0|aNational characteristics, British, in literature.
a1675667 650 0|aOdin (Norse deity)
a1675665 650 0|aOptimality theory (Linguistics)
a1718485 650 0|aPhilosophy, Asian.
150 0|aPhilosophy, Oriental
a1642504 650 0|aPlant diversity conservation
a1717730 650 0|aRestrooms
a1678768 650 0|aRobin Hood (Legendary character) in literature.
a1720007 650 0|aSatellite image maps.
a1662520 650 0|aSports for girls.
a1720218 650 0|aStationery.
a1675851 650 0|aStrategy (Philosophy)
a1694023 650 0|asubject
a1675047 650 6|aTribunaux
a1720077 650 0|aType ornaments
a1675667 650 0|aVratyas.
a1676202 650 0|aWomen in the Anglican Communion
a1675773 650 0|aWomen linguists
a1671527 650 0|aYoung adult literature, American