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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects December 8-14, 2003

New Subjects December 8-14, 2003

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from December 08, 2003 to December 14, 2003

Record Key    Heading
a1670239      650  0|aAboriginal Australians
a1672010      650  0|aAbused Indian children
a1587705      650  0|aAstronomy in the Vedas.
a1674123      650  0|aCanons, fugues, etc. (Piano)
a1627983      650  0|aContrast media.
a1646486      650  0|aDetective and mystery television programs
a1641746      650  0|aErotic comic books, strips, etc.
a1583153      650  0|aFrench langugae
a1667017      650   |aFumigants
a1670313      650  6|aGâeographie humaine
a1672657      650   |aIndian of North America
a1667775      650  0|aInstrument landing systems
a1674989      650  0|aIntimacy (Psychoanalysis) in literature.
a1668099      650  0|aIodine compounds.
a1587630      650  0|aKhalsa (Sect)
a1670313      651  0|aMackenzie (B.C.)
a1670313      651  6|aMackenzie (C.-B.)
a1587617      650  0|aMathematics, Hindu.
a1670428      650  0|aNative peoples
                   150  0|aIndigenous peoples
a1674695      651  0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1626883      650  0|aOak Ridges Moraine (Ont.)
a1601547      650  0|aOrientalism in literature.
a1674123      650  0|aOvertures (Piano)
a1621387      650  0|aPhysical education for people with disabilities
a1632607      650  0|aPsychopharmacologists
a1675110      650  0|aRadioactive waste repositories
a1587587      650  0|aRåama (Hindu deity)
a1668927      650  6|aSantâe, Services de
a1627700      650  0|aSex instruction for girls.
a1668927      650  6|aSoins mâedicaux
a1478961      650  0|aSwimming for people with disabilities.
a1675144      650  0|aThematic maps.
a1670313      651  0|aTumbler Ridge (B.C.)
a1670313      651  6|aTumbler Ridge (C.-B.)
a1641746      650  0|aUnderground comic books, strips, etc.
a1627700      650  0|aVideo tapes in sex instruction.
a1670313      650  6|aVilles nouvelles
a1647202      650  0|aWest Indian literature (French)
a1667287      650  0|aWomen heroes