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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects February 16-22, 2004

New Subjects February 16-22, 2004

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from February 16, 2004 to February 22, 2004

Record Key    Heading
a1622128      650  0|aAchievement motivation in youth
a1685533      650  0|aAesthetics, Byzantine.
a1685309      650  0|aAfrican American actors
a1685337      650  0|aAfrican American economists.
a1684782      650  0|aAfrican American executives.
a1685087      650  0|aAfrican American high school students
a1685309      650  0|aAfrican American theater
a1685154      650  0|aAfrican American women civil rights workers
a1685260      650  0|aAfrican American women journalists
a1621710      650  0|aAlice (Fictitious character : Carroll)
a1684683      650  0|aAndrology
a1685331      650  0|aAnti-feminism
a1622360      650  0|aAtomic force microscopy.
a1685749      650  0|aBeatitudes (Music)
a1625837      650  0|aBlaue Vier (Group of artists)
a1685333      650  0|aCable News Network.
a1685284      650  0|aCarnatic music
                   150  0|aMusic, Karnatic
a1661902      650  0|aCataloging of cartographic materials
a1685351      650  0|aCeremonial objects
a1685142      650  0|aCitizenship, Tribal.
a1684784      650  0|aConfidential business information.
a1684778      650  0|aConsumers with disabilities
a1685144      650  0|aCore competencies.
a1685749      650  0|aCredo (Music)
a1622676      650  0|aCulture in literature.
a1685358      650  0|aDiabetes in adolescence.
a1685358      650  0|aDiabetes in children.
a1640677      650  0|aDietetics.
a1684698      650  0|aDiscrete geometry
a1685102      650  0|aElectronic information resource searching.
a1685120      650  0|aEmployee retention.
a1685109      650  0|aEmployee screening
a1684761      650  0|aFashion designers
a1685458      650  0|aFederal aid to community health services
a1685131      650  0|aFinnic languages
a1685114      650  0|aFolk literature, Yiddish
a1685290      650  0|aFolk music, African.
a1685290      650  0|aFolk poetry, African.
a1671291      650  0|aForeign loans. 
                   150  0|aLoans, Foreign
a1684705      650  0|aFrobenius algebras.
a1685328      650  0|aGenius and mental illness.
a1685263      650  0|aHelots
a1685159      650  0|aHeroes in mass media.
a1685350      650  0|aHindu diaspora
a1684715      650  0|aHispano aircraft
a1672681      650  0|aHumanitarian assistance, Canadian.
a1676783      650  0|aHuron Indians
                   150  0|aWyandot Indians
a1645134      650  0|aIdentity (Psychology) in literature.
a1669304      650  0|aIlliterate persons
a1685156      650  0|aIncentive awards.
a1684684      650  0|aInjections, Spinal
a1685307      650  0|aInternet users.
a1662746      651  0|aIraqxForecasting
a1685114      650  0|aJewish folklorists
a1685186      650  0|aKhafji, Battle of, Ra®s al-Khafjåi, Saudi Arabia, 1991.
a1685263      651  0|aLakåonia (Greece)
a1684712      650  0|aLarge astronomical telescopes.
a1685154      651  0|aLeake County (Miss.)
a1645118      650  0|aLesbianism in literature
a1685201      650  0|aLow intensity conflicts (Military science)
a1684696      650  0|aLow probability of intercept radar.
a1621657      650  0|aManners and customs in literature.
a1626296      650  0|aMatriarchs (Bible)
a1682876      650  0|aMedical transcription
a1685263      651  0|aMessåenia (Greece)
                   151  0|aMessinia (Greece)
a1434020      651  0|aMikisew Provincial Park (Ont.).
a1684998      650  0|aModeling agencies
a1685271      650  0|aNational health services
a1685318      650  0|aNationalism and sports
a1685309      651  0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1680441      650 12|aNursing Theory.
a1685151      650  0|aPaperwork (Office practice)
a1684744      650  0|aPhytochemicals.
a1645126      650  0|aPlantation life in literature.
a1682856      650  0|aRacism in sports
a1662096      650  0|aRejection (Psychology)
a1685172      650  0|aReligion in motion pictures.
a1612991      650  0|aRetaining walls
a1684750      650  0|aRough sets.
a1645134      650  0|aSelf in literature.
a1684738      650  0|aSemantic Web.
a1685193      650  0|aSex discrimination in medical education.
a1623232      650  0|aShort stories, Romanian
a1685173      650  0|aSocial work with gays.
a1685428      650  0|aSoil
a1684381      650  0|aSongs (High voice) with orchestra, Arranged
a1684387      650  0|aSongs (High voice) with orchestra, Arranged.
a1684378      650  0|aSongs (Medium voice) with orchestra, Arranged.
a1684378      650  0|aSongs (Medium voice) with piano, Arranged.
a1648380      650  0|aTamils (Indic people)
a1622742      650  0|aTerm limits (Public office)
a1685206      650  0|aTraining manuals.
a1662096      650  0|aTriangles (Interpersonal relations)
a1685105      650  0|aVideo recordings for children
a1684985      650  0|aVideo recordings industry
a1684757      650  0|aWetland landscape design.
a1685327      650  0|aWomen, Basque.
a1685331      650  0|aWomen cabinet officers
a1685132      650  0|aWomen dramatists, Irish
a1685331      650  0|aWomen politicians
a1617422      650  0|aWorld politics, 1989-
a1684753      650  0|aYakovlev aircraft
a1684758      650  0|aYC-14 (Jet transport)