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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects February 4-10, 2002

New Subjects February 4-10, 2002

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from February 04, 2002 to February 10, 2002

Record Key    Heading
a1563850      650  0|aAfrican American press
a1554032      650  0|aAfrican Americans
                   150  0|aAfro-Americans
a1544419      650  0|aAfrican Americans
                   150  0|aAfro-Americans
a1544610      650  0|aAfrican Americans
                   150  0|aAfro-Americans
a1544452      650  0|aAfro-American women teachers.
a1542355      650  0|aAntenuptial contracts in literature.
a1544445      650  0|aAnti-communist movements in literature.
a1544009      650  0|aArtists' studios in art
a1542413      650  0|aArts, East Asian.
a1540812      650  0|aAtomic bomb in literature.
a1430018      650  0|aAuthors, Romanian
a1544430      650  0|aAutobiographical fiction, Austrian
a1544440      650  0|aCaodaism
a1560057      650  5|aChildren's literature, Canadian (French)
a1543928      650  0|aCities and towns in motion pictures.
a1544445      650  0|aCold War in literature.
a1540812      650  0|aCold war in literature.
a1515385      650  0|aColor drawing
a1544395      650  0|aCommunity in literature.
a1554024      650  0|aDam failures.
a1558344      650  0|aDigital divide
a1486721      650  0|aDigital libraries
a1544616      650  0|aDoctor Mabuse films
a1482427      650  0|aEarth tides.
a1525484      650  0|aElectron energy-loss spectroscopy.
a1558783      650  0|aElectronic mail art.
a1511333      650  0|aEnvironment policy
a1513720      650  0|aEpic films.
a1564158      650  0|aEvidence-based medicine.
a1544491      650  0|aExperimental fiction, Spanish American
a1544437      650  0|aFeminist fiction, American
a1544530      650  0|aFiction, Medieval
a1526019      650  0|aFinancial management
a1544444      650  0|aGiovani cannibali (Literary movement)
a1544621      650  0|aHandicapped in literature.
a1544419      651  0|aHarlem (New York, N.Y.)
a1551530      650  0|aHomophobia in literature.
a1544629      650  0|aHouse furnishings in literature.
a1493543      650  0|aImperialism in literature.
a1545219      650  0|aImpersonation.
a1523779      650  0|aInclusive education
a1544445      650  0|aInternational relations in literature.
a1478481      650  0|aJewish women in the Holocaust.
a1544416      650  0|aJudaism and literature
a1544446      650  0|aJungian psychology.
a1564340      650  0|aLabour unions
a1564245      650  0|aLiterature - Dictionaries
a1564245      650  0|aLiterature - Terminology
a1540897      651  0|aLouisbourg (N.S.)
a1472702      650  0|aMagere, Lwanda (Legendary character)
a1545208      650  0|aMan-woman relationships in literature.
a1542355      650  0|aMarriage customs and rites in literature.
a1545208      650  0|aMasculinity in literature.
a1544531      650  0|aMass media and publicity
a1525041      650  0|aMass media and war
a1549681      650  0|aMedical personnel and patients.
a1544010      650  0|aMexican American poets
a1510079      650  0|aMilitary socialization
a1542258      650  0|aMinority gays
a1542258      650  0|aMinority lesbians
a1545155      650  0|aMotherhood in literature.
a1542355      650  0|aMysteries and miracle plays, English
a1559230      650  0|aNational characteristics in mass media.
a1556888      650  0|aNatural resources management areas
a1558363      651  0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1506878      650  0|aPastel drawing, Canadian.
a1564115      650  0|aPharmacogenetics.
a1489394      650  0|aPhotography, Handworked.
a1544621      650  0|aPhysically handicapped in literature.
a1545261      650  0|aPlein air painting
a1544395      650  0|aPower (Social sciences) in literature.
a1544427      650  0|aPretenders to the throne
a1544586      650  0|aProductivity (Linguistics)
a1544444      650  0|aPulp literature, Italian
a1559230      650  0|aRace relations in mass media.
a1544609      650  0|aRadicalism in literature.
a1563839      650  0|aReverse discrimination
a1544048      650  0|aRole reversal.
a1545208      650  0|aSacrifice in literature.
a1542266      651  0|aSan Miguel Talea de Castro (Mexico)
a1545208      650  0|aScapegoat in literature.
a1541007      650  0|aSelf in literature.
a1542344      650  0|aSkywalker, Luke (Fictitious character)
a1564321      650  0|aSmiley, George (Fictitious character)
a1544447      650  0|aSocial history in literature.
a1532472      650  0|aSouvenirs (Keepsakes)
a1542344      650  0|aStar Wars films.
a1559313      650  0|aStereotype.
a1544400      650  0|aStreet poetry, Nigerian.
a1540754      650  0|aStripes.
a1554024      650  0|aTailing dams.
a1554024      650  0|aTailings dams
a1554024      650  0|aTailings embankments
a1563527      650  0|aTechnology and children
a1544546      650  0|aTime travel in literature
a1544036      650  0|aTravelers' writings, English
a1543998      650  0|aVideo recordings industry
a1542355      650  0|aWidows in literature.
a1564318      650  0|aWoman
                   150  0|aWomen
a1543991      650  0|aWomen analysands
a1544420      650  0|aWomen in the Orthodox Eastern Church.
a1546896      650  0|aWomen librettists
a1562344      650  0|aWomen tea plantation
a1563449      650  0|aXML (Document markup language)