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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects January 7-13, 2002

New Subjects January 7-13, 2002

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from January 07, 2002 to January 13, 2002

Record Key    Heading
a1551485      650  0|aAfrican American children
a1541524      650  0|aAggressiveness.
a1558098      650  0|aAlgebra of currents.
a1479553      650  0|aAnyon superconductivity.
a1559350      650  0|aArtistic collaboration
a1554155      650  0|aBusinesspeople
a1541449      650  0|aCivilization, Eastern. 
                   150  0|aCivilization, Oriental
a1479443      650  0|aCoherent states
a1559443      650  0|aCommunism and geography.
a1507261      650  0|aComputer logic
a1560632      650  0|aConservation biology.
a1507237      650  0|aContaminated sediments
a1491988      650  0|aDialect poetry, Italian.
a1536906      650  0|aDigital cameras
a1500883      650  0|aDonald Duck (Fictitious character).
a1560657      650  0|aEcological disturbances.
a1559438      650  0|aEngineering graphics.
a1501194      650  0|aEtiquette for children and teenagers.
a1544529      650  0|aEvent
a1539814      650  0|aFairy tales, German
a1539886      650  0|aFemininity in literature.
a1539747      650  0|aFeminist fiction, American
a1560796      650  0|aFormal methods (Computer science)
a1507527      650  0|aGay men in literature.
a1539886      650  0|aGender identity in literature.
a1556106      650  0|aGenetically modified foods
a1541467      650  0|aHeroes in motion pictures.
a1508113      650  0|aHighway capacity
a1507247      650  0|aHistoric bridges
a1541467      650  0|aHome in motion pictures.
a1497208      650  0|aHousekeeping
                   150  0|aHome economics
a1419577      650  0|aHuman-animal relationships in literature.
a1507734      650  0|aIdentity (Philosophical concept)
a1541425      650  0|aIndian theater
a1541466      650  0|aIntegrated delivery of health care.
a1541437      650  0|aInternational competition for a new administration
                    building for the Chicago tribune, MCMXXII.
a1504987      650  0|aKnowledge management.
a1549992      650  0|aKnowledge management
a1479369      650  0|aLarge scale structure (Astronomy)
a1541481      650  0|aLeather lifestyle
a1507527      650  0|aLesbians in literature.
a1539886      650  0|aMasculinity in literature.
a1560895      650  0|aMass media and culture
a1497535      650  0|aMeasles
a1507246      650  0|aMedian strips
a1508355      650  0|aMicrofinance.
a1507533      650  0|aMPEG (Video coding standard)
a1541467      650  0|aMyth in motion pictures.
a1545239      650  0|aNursing models.
a1549992      650  0|aOrganizational learning
a1542271      650  0|aOsteoarthritis
a1539886      650  0|aPassing (Identity) in literature.
a1479255      650  0|aPhase transitions (Statistical physics)
                   150  0|aPhase transformations (Statistical physics)
a1546462      650  0|aPhotography of the grotesque.
a1507251      650  0|aPollution prevention.
a1501513      650  0|aProvincial parks and reserves
a1539747      650  0|aPsychological fiction, American
a1542296      650  0|aRheumatoid arthritis
a1541482      650  0|aScience in mass media.
a1539700      650  0|aSherlock Holmes films.
a1550296      650  0|aSkating rinks.
a1475890      650  0|aSoccer matches
a1539580      650  0|aSongs (High voice) with orchestra, Arranged.
a1560659      650  0|aSpatial ecology
a1477695      650  0|aSpeeches, addresses, etc., Greek
a1541518      650  0|aSpiritual life in literature.
a1444237      650  0|aSubjectivity  in literature.
a1495464      650  0|aSupersonic wind tunnels
a1507533      650  0|aVideo compression.
a1560620      650  0|aWeb site development.
a1557765      650  0|aWestray Mine Disaster, Plymouth, Pictou, N.S., 1992.
a1558801      651  0|aWicklow (Ireland : County)
a1539750      650  0|aWomen cooks