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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects July 12-18, 2004

New Subjects July 12-18, 2004

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from July 12, 2004 to July 18, 2004

Record Key    Heading
a1702758 650 0|aAboriginal Australians
a1689690 650 0|aAdventure education
a1703096 650 0|aAfrican American periodicals
a1703115 650 0|aAfrican American sociologists
a1703110 650 0|aAfrican Americans in motion pictures.
a1702982 650 6|aAnglais (Langue)
a1703048 650 0|aArchitecture and science.
a1703048 650 0|aArchitecture and technology.
a1703180 650 0|aArmed Forces in motion pictures.
a1703430 650 0|aAttawapiskat Indians.
a1703210 650 0|aBoards of directors.
150 0|aDirectors of corporations
a1689690 650 0|aCanoeing accidents
a1703431 650 0|aClassical drama (Tragedy)
a1703077 650 0|aCounterculture
a1703168 650 0|aCourage in literature.
a1703061 650 0|aDecolonization in literature.
a1700125 650 0|aEcstatic dance.
a1703206 650 0|aFeminist geography.
a1703104 650 0|aFoundationalism (Theory of knowledge)
a1679718 650 0|aHardcore (Music)
a1703055 650 0|aIdentity (Psychology) in literature.
a1703026 650 0|aMangrove forests
a1703108 650 0|aMapuche women
a1695082 650 6|aMatiáere condensâee
a1635631 650 0|aMorris-Macdonald School Division.
a1703171 650 0|aOther (Philosophy)
a1703181 650 0|aPatient participation.
150 0|aPatient compliance
a1703051 650 0|aPeace-building.
a1703206 650 0|aPhilippine Women Centre of B.C.
a1695082 650 6|aPhysique de l’âetat solide
a1703206 650 0|aPoststructuralism.
a1703147 650 0|aPsychoanalysis and homosexuality.
a1702982 650 6|aRapports
a1703027 650 0|aRespiratory emergencies
a1703027 650 0|aRespiratory intensive care
a1703428 651 0|aSinai (Egypt)
a1703055 650 0|aSlave trade in literature.
a1703192 650 0|aSouth Asian literature (English)
150 0|aEnglish literature|xSouth Asian authors
a1703129 651 0|aTarawa Atoll (Kiribati)
a1703211 650 0|aTarget marketing.
a1703058 650 0|aTopic (Philosophy)
a1701902 651 0|aVancouver (B.C.)
a1703154 650 0|aWorking poor
a1703085 651 0|aWorld.