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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects July 28 – August 3, 2003

New Subjects July 28 – August 3, 2003

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from July 28, 2003 to August 03, 2003

Record Key    Heading
a1645357      650  0|aAbnormalities, Human, in literature.
a1645386      650  0|aAfrican Americans in popular culture.
a1645272      650  0|aAnti-feminism
a1645256      650  0|aAnti-globalization movement.
a1645282      650  0|aArt and archaeology.
a1514534      650  0|aArt, Urartian
a1645245      650  0|aArtists as authors
a1644775      651  0|aAtlantic Canada
                   151  0|aAtlantic Provinces
a1645287      650  0|aBasketball injuries.
a1645290      650  0|aBrand loyalty. 
                   150  0|aBrand choice
a1645273      651  0|aBurano (Italy)
a1578204      651  0|aBury St. Edmunds (England)
a1614357      650  0|aChristian pilgrims and pilgrimages in literature.
a1543810      651  0|aChurchill River Region (Sask. and Man.)
a1543810      651  0|aChurchill River (Sask. and Man.)
a1578204      650  0|aCivlization, Anglo-Saxon.
a1645323      650  0|aCommon sense in literature.
a1640988      650  0|aComponent software.
a1644807      651  0|aCuzco Region (Peru)
a1645357      650  0|aDifference (Psychology) in literature.
a1645309      650  0|aDigital media.
a1645363      650  0|aEngineering management.
a1520589      651  0|aEòzyon Bloc
a1637998      650  0|aForest projects
a1645357      650  0|aGender identity in literature.
a1645243      650  0|aGerman poetry, Middle High German
a1644941      651  0|aHanford Site (Wash.)
a1645357      650  0|aHuman beings in literature.
a1645258      650  0|aImprovisation in art.
a1605856      650  0|aIslam in mass media.
a1645304      650  0|aJesuits
a1515053      651  0|aLondon
                   151  0|aLondon (England)
a1645343      650  0|aLoss (Psychology) in literature.
a1644775      651  0|aLouisbourg (N.S.)
a1645366      650  0|aMakuzu pottery.
a1645383      650  0|aManners and customs in art.
a1645307      650  0|aMarch on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Washington,
                    D.C., 1963
a1645279      651  0|aMasaka District (Uganda)
a1513716      650  0|aMathematics, Hindu.
a1519147      650  0|aMiddle classes
                   150  0|aMiddle class
a1641467      650  0|aMunicipal water-supply
a1645132      650  0|aMythology, Classical, in literature
a1627434      650  0|aNarrative therapy
a1532067      650  0|aNeurospora crassa
a1644956      650  0|aNiche (Ecology)
a1514382      650  0|aOne-act plays, Canadian (English)
a1644959      650  0|aOracle (Computer file)
a1645383      650  0|aPainting in art.
a1644903      650  0|aParietal lobes.
a1644751      650  0|aPassion music.
a1605551      650  0|aPhilosophy, Arab.
a1644961      650  0|aPlant diversity.
a1644961      650  0|aPlant genomes.
a1532067      650  0|aPlants, Effect of calcium on.
a1514907      650  0|aPluralism (Social sciences) in literature.
a1645384      650  0|aPortrait painters
a1520275      650  0|aPowwow songs
a1520275      650  0|aPowwows
a1644776      650  0|aProteomics
a1638182      650  0|aQuintets (Clarinet, flute, electronics, violin,
a1645357      650  0|aRace in literature.
a1638182      650  0|aSextets (Piano, clarinet, flute, percussion, violin,
a1645403      651  0|aSoHo (New York, N.Y.)
a1638183      650  0|aSongs (High voice) with string ensemble.
a1616430      650  0|aSound in literature.
a1616430      650  0|aSounds in literature.
a1645307      650  0|aSpeeches, addresses, etc., American
a1519154      651  0|aSpokane (Wash.)
a1520597      650  0|aStructure (The word)
a1645343      650  0|aSubjectivity in literature.
a1520616      651  0|aTell Abraq mound (United Arab Emirates)
a1638182      650  0|aTrumpet and electronic music.
a1645396      650  0|aUpper class women
a1644745      650  0|aViola and piano music, Arranged.
a1645391      650  0|aVisual perception in literature.
a1644930      650  0|aWater quality biological assessment.
a1644835      650  0|aWest African poetry (French)
a1645278      651  0|aWest (U.S.)
a1519780      651  0|aWinthrop (Me. : Town)
a1645420      650  0|aWomen in higher education
a1635372      650  0|aWoodwind quartets (Saxophones (4))
a1635372      650  0|aWoodwind quartets (Saxophones (4)), Arranged.
a1645321      650  0|aWorking poor.
a1644796      650  0|aWorld maps, Physical.