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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects July 15-21, 2002

New Subjects July 15-21, 2002

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from July 15, 2002 to July 21, 2002

Record Key    Heading
a1581958      650  0|aAfrican American political activists
a1593728      650  0|aAfrican American women in literature.
a1581708      650  0|aAfrican Americans in literature.
a1581841      650  0|aAfro-American Spiritual churches
a1579905      650  0|aAged lesbians
a1581781      650  0|aAgrobiodiversity conservation
a1581754      651  0|aAntioch in Pisidia (Extinct city)
a1587290      650  0|aArchitecture, Portuguese colonial
a1578709      650  0|aArts management. 
                   150  0|aArts|xManagement
a1576903      650  5|aAuthors, Canadian (English)
a1593717      650  0|aAutonomy (Psychology) in literature.
a1562428      650  0|aBacteriorhodopsin
a1581757      650  0|aBananas
a1593730      650  0|aBerdaches
a1582191      651  0|aBlack Sea Region
a1593708      651  0|aBletchley (Buckinghamshire, England)
a1583151      650  0|aBoards of directors. 
                   150  0|aDirectors of corporations
a1581965      650  0|aBuddhism and science.
a1593791      650  0|aBullfighters
a1537210      650  0|aCajun music.
a1593719      650  0|aChaotic behavior in systems in literature.
a1593704      650  0|aCharter schools.
a1580574      650  0|aChildren with social disabilities
a1563163      650  0|aChildren's plays, Korean
a1580631      650  0|aCities and towns on television.
a1581708      650  0|aCitizenship in literature.
a1593762      650  0|aColonial administrators' spouses
a1562426      650  0|aCombinatorial chemistry x Methodology.
a1580451      650  0|aCorporations, Asian.
a1593745      651  0|aCoyoacâan (Mexico)
a1594051      650  0|aCredit derivatives.
a1593715      650  0|aCuarteto (Music)
a1562426      650  0|aDrug development.
a1587372      650  0|aEast and West in art.
a1593738      650  0|aEcocriticism.
a1581815      650  0|aEros (Greek deity) in literature.
a1508314      650  0|aExplorers on postage stamps.
a1592901      650  0|aFederal aid to child development
a1588226      650  0|aFemale nude in art.
a1594137      650  0|aFolk dance music, Israeli.
a1594137      650  0|aFolk dancing, Israeli.
a1563161      650  0|aFolk literature, Korean
a1593727      650  0|aFragile X syndrome.
a1581849      650  0|aFrontier and pioneer life in literature.
a1593787      650  0|aGender identity in education.
a1593800      650  0|aGender identity in music.
a1517220      651  0|aGrande-Vallâee (Quebec)
a1542027      650  0|aHaida mythology.
a1542027      650  0|aHaida poetry
a1581894      651  0|aHarlem (New York, N.Y.)
a1589181      650  0|aHip-hop.
a1581876      650  0|aIgbo (African people) in literature.
a1581770      650  0|aImperialism in literature.
a1581770      650  0|aImprisonment in literature.
a1593821      650  0|aInternet in higher education.
a1560998      650  0|aIslam and social problems
a1579923      650  0|aIslamic fundamentalism in literature.
a1586199      650  0|aJudaism in art.
a1581815      650 00|aKing Kong (Fictitious character)
a1593754      650  0|aKwangju Uprising, Kwangju-si, Korea, 1980.
a1581725      651  0|aLakåonia (Greece)
a1593822      650  0|aLam, Wifredo
a1593823      650  0|aLandscape in literature.
a1581679      650  0|aLatifundio
a1593439      650  0|aLight emitting diodes.
a1580532      651  0|aLindau (Bavaria, Germany)
a1594113      650  0|aLinguistic research
                   150  0|aLinguistics|xResearch
a1581956      650  0|aMan-woman relationships in literature.
a1581956      650  0|aMan-woman relationships in motion pictures.
a1581956      650  0|aMan-woman relationships on television.
a1521546      650  0|aMechatronics.
a1579919      650  0|aMedicine, Clinical
                   150  0|aClinical medicine
a1581604      650  0|aMilitary-owned business enterprises
a1587293      650  0|aModern movement (Architecture)
a1581974      650  0|aMonarchy in literature.
a1587378      650  0|aMothers and daughters in literature.
a1593827      650  0|aMultimedia (Art)
a1580439      650  0|aMusic and children.
a1580643      650  0|aMythology, Greek, in literature.
a1593710      650  0|aNational characteristics in art.
a1581625      651  0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1593828      650  0|aNineteen tens.
a1513241      651  0|aNorth Pacific Ocean
a1593445      650  0|aOcean wave power.
a1587351      651  0|aOceanica
                   151  0|aOceania
a1581717      650  0|aPanchen lamas
a1515340      650  0|aPaper clay.
a1562426      650  0|aPharmacokinetics
a1593689      650  0|aPoststructuralism.
a1593717      650  0|aPower (Social sciences) in literature.
a1593722      650  0|aPrivacy in literature.
a1581815      650  0|aPsyche (Greek deity) in literature.
a1581935      650  0|aPsychiatric hospital patients in literature.
a1581708      650  0|aRace in literature.
a1581708      650  0|aRacism in literature.
a1497210      650  0|aRape in mass media
a1510828      650  0|aRelevance
a1593700      651  0|aSanta Fe National Historic Trail
a1579758      650  0|aSelf in literature.
a1574449      650  0|aSeptember 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001
a1581861      650  0|aShipwreck victims.
a1593725      650  0|aShort stories, Austrian
a1593728      650  0|aSlavery in literature.
a1593713      651  0|aSnake River Valley (Wyo.-Wash.)
a1587925      650  6|aSociologie urbaine.
a1521550      650  0|aStructural optimization
a1593717      650  0|aTeenage girls in literature.
a1592904      651  0|aToronto Region (Ont.)
a1523573      650  0|aUnionoida
a1587925      650  6|aVie urbaine.
a1581789      650  0|aViticulture in the Bible.
a1580643      650  0|aWeaving in literature.
a1589593      650  0|aWeb servers
a1589593      650  0|aWeb site development
a1581622      650  0|aWitchcraft and sex
a1581847      650  0|aWomen folklorists
a1580643      650  0|aWomen weavers.
a1589593      650  0|aXML (Document markup language)