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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects July 22-28, 2002

New Subjects July 22-28, 2002

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from July 22, 2002 to July 28, 2002

Record Key    Heading
a1529891      650  6|aActivitâe motrice chez l'enfant
a1590520      650  0|aAfrican American boxers
a1581867      650  0|aAfrican American missionaries
a1581867      650  0|aAfrican American Presbyterians
a1581701      650  0|aAggressiveness
a1560139      650  0|aAthapascan mythology.
a1562991      650  0|aBallads, Korean
a1523677      650  0|aBatwa (African people)
a1581810      650  0|aBeguines
a1557999      650  0|aBody fluid flow
a1523764      650  0|aBoundaries in literature.
a1581762      651  0|aCamp Pike (Ark.)
a1537801      650  5|aCanadian fiction (English)
a1593985      650  0|aCapacity and disability (Jewish law)
a1582621      650  0|aChristian converts from Judaism
a1581924      650  0|aCognitive maps (Psychology)
a1593111      650  0|aCommunication in psychiatry.
a1523575      650  0|aComputational grids (Computer systems)
a1581720      650  0|aCounterculture
a1582587      650  0|aCrisis intervention (Mental health services)
a1580511      650  0|aDesire in literature.
a1529891      650  6|aâEducation physique pour enfants.
a1581762      651  0|aElaine Region (Ark.)
a1529891      650  6|aEnfants
a1582685      651  0|aErech (Extinct city)
a1582640      650  0|aEthnic groups in literature
a1588163      650  0|aFeminism and architecture.
a1511863      650  0|aFinnish American musicians
a1582662      650  0|aForeign exchange options
a1511261      650  0|aFugitive slaves in literature.
a1524587      651  0|aFujian Sheng (China)
                   151  0|aFukien Province (China)
a1587317      650  0|aGays in literature.
a1593412      651  0|aGuayaquil (Ecuador)
a1523577      650  0|aHigh performance computing
a1594377      650  0|aImperialism in literature
a1582499      650  0|aImperialism in literature.
a1582658      650  0|aIndians in popular culture.
a1587472      650  0|aIndigenous women
a1520004      650  0|aInteractive computer graphics
a1511863      650  0|aKantele (Musical instrument)
a1485033      650  0|aKnowledge, Theory of (Buddhism)
a1523763      650  0|aLiterature teachers
a1557413      650  0|aMale feminists
a1581946      650  0|aManuscripts, Mixtec
a1582534      650  0|aMilitary crimes
                   150  0|aMilitary offenses
a1582640      650  0|aMulticulturalism in literature
a1582625      650  0|aNarcissism in adolescence
a1474620      650  0|aNigeria in literature.
a1581720      650  0|aNineteen seventies.
a1504277      651  0|aOak Ridges Moraine (Ont.)
a1581946      651  0|aOaxaca Valley
a1510811      651  0|aOntario, Southwestern
a1562991      650  0|aP`ansori
a1510811      651  0|aParkhill Site (Ont.)
a1582640      650  0|aPluralism (Social sciences) in literature
a1586376      650  0|aPostmodernism and education.
a1586376      650  0|aPoststructuralism.
a1580511      650  0|aPraise in literature.
a1582640      650  0|aReading (Middle school)
a1582638      650  0|aRelief (Sculpture), Greek
a1593391      651  0|aSan Antonio Metropolitan Area (Tex.)
a1582684      651  0|aSanta Fe (N.M.)
a1594469      650  0|aSelf-determination, National Africa, Northeast.
a1581707      650  0|aSexual harassment in the workplace
a1583523      650  0|aShort-term counseling.
a1581866      651  0|aSydney (N.S.W.)
a1593999      650  0|aTemples, Taoist
a1504277      651  0|aToronto Region (Ont.)
a1582658      650  0|aTourist trade and art
a1523665      650  0|aTurks in literature.
a1540046      650  0|aUrban landscape architecture
a1557413      650  0|aViolence in men
a1582496      650  0|aViolence in the mass media
a1582608      651  0|aWest (U.S.)
a1581980      651  0|aWest (U.S.)
a1582608      651  0|aWest (U.S.)
a1537801      650  0|aWomen pioneers in literature.
a1562991      650  0|aYin-yang