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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects July 8-14, 2002

New Subjects July 8-14, 2002

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from July 08, 2002 to July 14, 2002

Record Key    Heading
a1510898      650  0|aActing in literature.
a1584897      650  0|aAfrican American novelists
a1580559      650  0|aAfrican Americans in literature.
a1584550      650  0|aAggressiveness in children. 
                   150  0|aAggressiveness (Psychology) in children
a1580630      650  0|aArchaeology and religion.
a1580570      650  0|aArt, Baltic
a1579925      650  0|aAsian Americans in motion pictures.
a1579925      650  0|aAsian Americans in the motion picture industry.
a1589042      650  0|aAuthors, Canadian (English)
a1582202      650  0|aCanada, Northern, in art.
a1582202      650  0|aCanada, Northern, in literature.
a1569001      650  5|aCanadian fiction (French)
a1569001      650  5|aCanadians, French-speaking
                   150  0|aFrench-Canadians
a1593169      650  0|aCentral business destricts
a1587282      650  0|aCharter schools
a1580471      651  0|aChinatown (New York, N.Y.)
a1580471      650  0|aChinese American women
a1579801      650  0|aChristian converts
                   150  0|aConverts
a1592944      650  0|aCities and towns in motion pictures
a1580591      650  0|aEcological landscape design.
a1580559      650  0|aEconomics and literature
a1569001      650  5|aFantastic fiction, Canadian (French)
a1578587      650  0|aFeminist archaeology.
a1523147      650  0|aFishing in literature.
a1579799      650  0|aFrench franc area.
a1581718      651  0|aGermany (Easst)
a1577637      650  0|aGovernment aid
a1592904      651  0|aGreater Toronto Area (Ont.)
a1583659      650  0|aHip-hop.
a1543394      650  0|aItalian literatue
a1557451      650  0|aJewish day schools
a1592574      651  0|aKamloops (B.C.)
a1592575      651  0|aKootenay Region (B.C.)
a1513081      650  0|aMedia literacy
a1580490      650  0|aMen's clothing industry
a1592574      651  0|aMerritt (B.C.)
a1581715      650  0|aMining camps
a1562997      650  0|aMobile hospitals
a1593166      651  0|aMontrâeal Metropolitan Area (Quâebec)
a1580619      650  0|aMusic in literature.
a1579858      651  0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1580472      650  0|aNuns as musicians
a1358104      651  0|aOak Ridges Moraine (Ont.)
a1581289      650  0|aOlympic games (Ancient)
a1592967      651  0|aOntario, Northern
a1512999      650  0|aParallel processing (Computer science)
a1580432      650  0|aPostcolonialism and the arts
a1579924      650  0|aPostmodernism and education.
a1579582      650  0|aPower (Social sciences) in art.
a1593169      650  0|aQuâebec Metropolitan Area (Quâebec)
a1580559      650  0|aRace in literature.
a1518134      650  0|aRadiosity
a1580568      650  0|aRejection (Psychology)
a1592574      651  0|aRevelstoke (B.C.)
a1588447      650  0|aRural nursing
a1592574      651  0|aSalmon Arm (B.C. : District municipality)
a1569001      650  5|aShort stories, Canadian (French)
a1581715      651  0|aSierra Nevada (Calif. and Nev.)
a1579928      650  0|aSlavery in literature.
a1580601      650  0|aSocial work with gays
a1593286      650  0|aSuburbs in art
a1510898      650  0|aTheater in literature.
a1579858      651  0|aTimes Square (New York, N.Y.)
a1537733      650  0|aTopical songs.
a1580568      650  0|aTriangles (Interpersonal relations)
a1578545      650  0|aUpper class women
a1592574      651  0|aVernon (B.C.)
a1579254      650  0|aViolence in adolescence.
a1589723      650  0|aWar on Terrorism, 2001-
a1584900      650  0|aWater supply
a1580735      650  0|aXML (Document markup language)
a1586472      650  0|aYoung adult consumers