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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects June 20-26, 2005

New Subjects June 20-26, 2005

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from June 20, 2005 to June 26, 2005

Record Key    Heading
a1731444 650 0|aActivin.
a1754124 650 0|aAfrican American Muslims
a1726441 650 0|aAfrican American political activists
a1682534 650 0|aAlcoholism in literature.
a1718429 650 0|aArmistice Day.
a1753544 650 0|aArtists’s books.
a1702121 650 0|aAwe
a1697800 651 0|aBarddhamåan (India : District)
a1726441 650 0|aBiographical television programs.
a1754174 650 0|aBiometric identification
a1754106 650 0|aBukusu (African people)
a1753858 651 0|aCincinnati Metropolitan Area (Ohio)
a1744467 651 0|aCleveland Metropolitan Area (Ohio)
a1744466 651 0|aColumbus Metropolitan Area (Ohio)
a1754083 650 0|aCommunication in geography.
a1754088 650 0|aCompassion.
a1754151 650 0|aCreoles in literature.
a1754135 650 0|aCrime in public housing
a1753931 650 0|aCustoms laws.
a1744463 651 0|aDallas Metropolitan Area (Tex.)
a1732053 650 0|aDance costume.
a1729315 650 22|aDelivery of Health Care
150 0|aMedical care
a1754134 650 0|aDemocracy in literature.
a1682534 650 0|aDeviant behavior in literature.
a1754129 650 0|aDwarfs in motion pictures.
a1754134 650 0|aEcology in literature.
a1695584 650 0|aElectrochemical sensors.
a1754110 651 0|aEnglish-speaking countries
a1754134 650 0|aEnvironmental protection in literature.
a1690370 650 0|aFashion design.
150 0|aCostume design
a1690370 650 0|aFashion designers
a1729315 650 22|aHealth Policy
150 0|aMedical policy
a1680131 650 0|aIdioms.
a1718424 650 0|aIfa (Religion)
a1754131 650 0|aJudaism and literature
a1754151 650 0|aLatin American prose literature
a1751586 650 0|aLisbon Earthquake, Portugal, 1755
a1670308 650 0|aLogos (Philosophy)
a1698240 650 0|aMarengo, Battle of, Marengo, Italy, 1800
a1754161 650 0|aMarried women in literature.
a1754244 650 0|aMeans tests
a1754091 650 0|aMechanization in dance.
a1754180 650 0|aMicroelectromechanical systems.
a1701175 650 0|aMiddle school education
a1754119 650 0|aMoral conditions in literature.
a1754137 650 0|aNational socialism and medicine.
a1732040 650 0|aNationalism and sports
a1682176 650 0|aNineteen sixty-eight, A.D.
a1754118 650 0|aNormativity (Ethics)
a1754184 650 0|aOptical interconnects
a1754139 650 0|aOrgan (Musical instrument)
a1744455 651 0|aPark City (Utah)
a1754161 650 0|aPenelope (Greek mythology) in literature.
a1745107 651 0|aPhiladelphia Metropolitan Area (Pa.)
a1680266 650 0|aPhysician executives
a1745108 651 0|aPittsburgh Metropolitan Area (Pa.)
a1754147 650 0|aPlace (Philosophy) in literature.
a1753635 651 0|aPoland Spring (Me.)
a1745106 651 0|aPortland Metropolitan Area (Or.)
a1732040 650 0|aProfessional in sport
a1682534 650 0|aProstitution in literature.
a1754106 650 0|aProverbs, Bukusu.
a1744453 651 0|aPuget Sound Region (Wash.)
a1748526 650 0|aRacism in sports
a1754173 650 0|aRepresentations of graphs
a1753635 651 0|aSabbathday Lake (Me.)
a1754145 650 0|aSacraments in literature.
a1744455 651 0|aSalt Lake City Metropolitan Area (Utah)
a1744459 651 0|aSan Antonio Metropolitan Area (Tex.)
a1744453 651 0|aSea-Tac International Airport (Wash.)
a1744453 651 0|aSeatac (Wash.)
a1744453 651 0|aSeattle Metropolitan Area (Wash.)
a1754161 650 0|aSeparation (Psychology) in literature.
a1753620 650 0|aShaker art.
150 0|aArt, Shaker
a1753645 650 0|aShaker furniture.
150 0|aFurniture, Shaker
a1682543 650 0|aSite-specific art.
a1749738 650 0|aSpecial operations (Military science)
a1698241 650 0|aSpeeches, addresses, etc., Italian.
a1754108 650 0|aSports and globalization.
a1754145 650 0|aTransubstantiation in literature.
a1754104 650 0|aTravelers’ writings, English
a1753875 650 0|aTypology.
a1708577 651 0|aVolubilis (Extinct city)
a1731444 650 0|aZebra danio