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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects June 21-27, 2004

New Subjects June 21-27, 2004

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from June 21, 2004 to June 27, 2004

Record Key    Heading
a1641007 650 4|a1775.
a1690800 650 0|aAfrican American dance
a1690800 650 0|aAfrican American dancers.
a1695951 650 0|aAfrican American women authors
a1620239 650 6|aAlphabâetisation
a1674333 650 0|aBody image in art
a1639236 650 0|aCitrus.
a1687927 651 0|aColpoy’s Bay (Ont.)
a1637039 650 0|aComputer arithmetic and logic units.
a1692963 650 0|aCongolese (Brazzaville) literature (French)
a1694897 650 0|aDebt relie
a1637045 650 0|aDeep-sea ecology.
a1620239 650 6|aâEducation de base
a1700342 651 0|aErie (Lake, Region)
a1682594 651 0|aEuropean Union countires
a1619827 650 0|aGolf clubs (Sporting goods)
a1637534 651 0|aIrpinia (Italy)
a1621393 650 0|aJoints (Geology)
a1694028 651 0|aMagadha (Kingdom)
a1678736 650 0|aMiddleware.
a1681823 650 0|aMulticulturalism in art
a1700241 650 0|aMultiple chemical sensitivity.
a1700241 650 0|aPersian Gulf syndrome.
a1628596 650 6|aSâemiotique et thâeãatre.
a1674333 650 0|aStereotype (Psychology) in art
a1628596 650 6|aThâeãatre
150 0|aTheater
a1637168 650 0|aTourists
a1674333 650 0|aWomen, Black, in art